How a lab robotics company achieved 185% increase in SQLs with optimized ads

  • Conversion Optimization, Paid Social
  • Digital Design, Copywriting
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The Challenge

Opentrons rose to their top position in the robotics industry, through their persistence and fearless execution. In one year, they’ve forever transformed how scientists and academics approach life sciences and healthcare research with their innovative automation.

In 2022, Opentrons approached and developed a partnership with WebMechanix. The goal they hoped to achieve from the collaboration was to increase the number of leads they received per year.

Throughout our collaboration, we were constantly reminded that the goal was not only to increase leads, and to ensure we were targeting valuable audiences that could eventually be converted, but to also create collateral that better explained the benefits of what they were trying to sell.

The Process

Opentrons and WebMechanix actively collaborated throughout this entire process, so we knew their target audiences early on. We also examined their leverage points and historical campaign data, understanding how they’ve already influenced their prospects through their creative. Because Opentrons was so heavily involved, we were able to troubleshoot and progress quickly — they were just as eager as we were to see our plans come to fruition!

We soon discovered the thing Opentrons had been missing out on: they weren’t taking advantage of lead generation forms and weren’t clearly conveying the true value of their product through their creative.

With this knowledge, we first changed how they were utilizing LinkedIn:

  • Narrowed + refined target LinkedIn audiences by job titles
  • Identified pain points of the new audience
  • Started using LinkedIn lead generation forms to drive audiences to ads

We found that the new audience (again, all scientists and academics) had pain points that directly connected to what Opentrons offered.

Before After

On the creative side, we immediately noticed that their ads were too technical without actually conveying the benefits of Opentrons’s product. The ads only focused on illustrating the features instead of explaining how they would help the audience if they were to invest in the brand.

We changed this by making new creative with visuals and language that was succinct, disruptive, and 100% transparent with the product’s benefits.

  • EX #1: “Manual pipetting doesn’t mean better results”
  • EX #2: “Tired of working hard just to publish last?”

The Opentrons team couldn’t believe the results that poured in from our “Target, Create, Refine + Conquer” approach.

The Results

  • Increased spend by 96% but still w/in budget
  • Total percent of change: 10,000%

While that 10,000% feels sweet right now, we’re continuing to shift and scale our efforts with Opentrons in the upcoming quarters. We’re hoping to increase the total percent of change by this time next year.

There aren’t many success stories like Opentrons’. Why? Because the Opentrons team is one of the special ones that wholeheartedly believe the best innovation happens through collaboration and determination. 

This case study is just an ounce of proof of why Opentrons will continue to dominate the scientific field for years to come. They have some of the brightest minds on their team, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


The proof is in the numbers

increase in opportunities
increase in leads
increase in lead to opportunity ratio