United for a bigger future.

Level Agency and WebMechanix are proud to announce a transformative merger that brings together the rich histories and vast expertise of both agencies under one roof, creating an entity that is not only stronger and larger, but more capable of driving industry innovation.

Together, we combine the art and science of marketing to craft compelling success stories, enhancing the growth and progress of the clients we serve. This unified approach ensures that our clients benefit from expanded resources, deeper insights, and a broader range of services, setting new standards in the digital marketing landscape.

Let’s get to work, together.

Level CEO Patrick Patterson sits down with WebMechanix cofounders, Arsham Mirshah and Chris Mechanic.

The Leadership Team

“We are ecstatic about the opportunities this partnership will bring to our clients and team. By joining forces with WebMechanix, we are not just expanding our market footprint but also integrating a wealth of expertise that complements and expands our capabilities.”

“By merging with Level Agency, we are turning a new page where technology meets tradition in the most dynamic of ways. This alliance excites me not just for the enhanced capabilities we gain but for the innovative paths we will carve together. It’s about creating stories of success not just for us, but for every client we serve.”

“This is a transformative moment for both our agencies. There are opportunities for everybody, there for the taking. Together, we will set a new standard in digital marketing, driving innovation and delivering exceptional results that help our clients grow and succeed.”