Revenue-Driven Marketing

Finally… marketing that finds and turns your best prospects into revenue.

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If you're like most marketers today, you know how to drive leads.
But here's the problem…

  • They're not converting to opportunities
  • Often, they're mostly “high funnel” leads w/ no clear buying intent
  • Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) don't correlate to your sales qualified leads (SQLs)

The traditional solution?
"Add more leads to the top of the funnel!"

But between you, us and the wall… we know that doesn't really work. 10X more leads at the top does NOT trickle down to 10X more sales.

So… what's a marketer to do? 🤷

Enter revenue-driven marketing: a new approach that aligns your marketing efforts directly with revenue generation. A way to make every marketing action you drive directly impact your bottom line, by reaching only the prospects most qualified for your product or service.

At WebMechanix, we've developed a proprietary methodology that exemplifies this approach - the PACE process.










Blow past your marketing performance goals.


Align goals + identify leverage points

The first step in our process is to Prepare. We start by defining the Q in your SQL (Sales Qualified Lead). For B2B's we might look at things like…

  • Revenue?
  • Company size?
  • Tech stack?

If you're B2C, some examples include…

  • Geo-location (i.e. in an area you serve)?
  • Financially qualified? (credit score, loan amount, etc.)
  • Ready to buy?

This step aligns your sales needs with your marketing targets and content. We then perform an audit of all MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) drivers to see if they match the SQL piece. This involves identifying which current activities are driving down funnel performance - and which aren't - and then remodeling the funnel based on those that do.

Finally, we visualize your funnel and identify the leverage points. This provides a clear picture of what's driving pipeline/revenue right now, where it's working or not, and where your biggest growth opportunities lie.


Implement targeted campaigns

The next step is Action. We implement targeted activities that align with a specific funnel metric or micro target. These activities will vary depending on the channel, for instance:

Paid media: Using data post back and GTM event filtering to optimize for higher-leverage points in the marketing funnel.

SEO: Creating content oriented around the identified “Q” and understanding the 'leading indicator' to write about it.

CRO: Selectively testing and optimizing around areas that will impact our points of highest leverage in the marketing funnel.

Every action is aligned with a specific funnel metric or “micro” target - meaning every marketing dollar spent will impact your funnel where it's needed the most.


Refine actions based on market response

Once the actions are in place, we move to Calibrate. We put actions into the market and shift to those actions that are moving our target funnel metrics in the right direction.

Common activities at this stage include updating content and creative based on what's resonating. Then, we improve the messaging and delivery to that 'new' market we've identified.

How do we know if it's working? Simple: the KPI to the specific funnel conversion rate that the actions target is moving in the right direction.


Continually optimize for maximum impact

The final step is to Evolve. We double down on winners, pause losers, and re-measure the funnel. This cycle of evolution ensures continual optimization for maximum impact.

We recreate and redefine our funnels by product and intent level, then repeat the "ACE" process.

Our PACE process is not just a methodology - it's a commitment to revenue-driven marketing. It's a commitment to ensuring your brand does not just survive but thrives in the competitive marketplace.

Brands that outPACED their competition

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