Award-winning redesign drives 300% more customers

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  • Web Design, UX Audit, Stakeholder Interviews, IA Development, Site Redesign

The Challenge

Kit Check is a leading provider of integrated medication management tools. They approached us for help with their website. At that time, their website was difficult to navigate and the design system was scattered. It was unclear how users should use the site or what user tasks were supported.

In addition, our client wanted to evolve their brand and wanted to make sure that the new digital experience was aligned with the brand’s tone and visual identity elements.

Because their product is so essential to core hospital functions, we knew their new site needed to maintain a careful balance between design and usability. And because we’re a customer acquisition firm at heart, supporting inquiry and sales was critical to success.

The Process

Stakeholder interviews were critical to helping us identify our clients’ needs and strong hypotheses for the needs of the target audience. The resulting user journeys were vetted to ensure that they were aligned to the most important tasks and goals of the prospect.

Once we settled on the wireframes and information architecture for the site, our design and development teams worked closely to bring the vision to life.

Our teams continually align to ensure that we maximized the impact of our delightful design and a strong performing technical infrastructure.

In lock step with our design and development team, our marketing operations team led the integration of HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub to help Kit Check acquire and manage leads more effectively.

The Results

The resulting website portrays Kit Check as an approachable, solutions-oriented provider and the more concise IA significantly improved the user experience.

In addition, by implementing HubSpot to simplify lead generation, we were able to better leverage automation to create a better sales experience for prospects and for Kit Check’s team.

The resulting increase in lead submissions and demo requests have enabled Kit Check to invest further in its digital presence.

The redesign was recognized internally and externally as a great step forward for the brand and won a Platinum dotCOMM award and a Gold Hermes in its relevant categories.

Before After

The proof is in the numbers

MQLs to date
Growth since previous year
Demo sign-ups (60 previous year)