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Modernize your approach to paid search

Still optimizing for leads? It’s ok, your competitors likely are too – and here’s your chance to overtake them. Companies hire WebMechanix to optimize campaigns to revenue, not just clicks or leads.

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We’re the anti-“PPC agency”

Why hire WebMechanix to run your paid search campaigns? 3 reasons:

Optimize to revenue

Most PPC campaigns optimize to superficial metrics like clicks or leads. But “conversions” are not all created equal.

WebMechanix’s “revenue-driven optimization” process helps you modernize your PPC programs. Optimize for the outcomes that matter most to your business — like qualified leads, sales opportunities, and Closed Won revenue.

Break through plateaus

Can’t scale your ads up anymore without losing performance? Let us crack the code.

We’ve successfully helped 100s of brands grow their paid search spend by 5-15X – all while maintaining or improving key profitability metrics like cost-per-lead / cost-per-acquisition.

Bolt on a growth team

“They’re an extension of our team.” Maybe that’s a cliche. But it’s literally the #1 thing clients say about working with us.

Get a PPC partner that co-owns the KPIs you’re responsible for. One that proactively drives strategy and execution. Plus, tangible business results you’ll be proud of showing to your CEO (and the reports that prove it.)

Who we’re built for

We don’t just fill your CRM with low-intent eBook downloaders. Get qualified meetings on your sales team’s calendar that convert to marketing-sourced pipeline and Closed Won revenue.

Until WebMechanix, I don’t think in my entire professional career ever, I have sat on a call with a sales leader and they’re like, ‘F*** yeah! These leads are awesome.

High-ticket B2Cs
Train the ad platforms to get more buyers on the phone with your sales team. Perfect for considered purchases with longer sales cycles, even in highly-regulated markets like housing, employment and credit.

We were looking for a company to help us with the analytics around our website. Our experience with WebMechanix has been very good. Since working with WebMechanix we’ve seen a direct revenue increase. The bottom line tangible result is that we’ve seen an actual increase in revenue that we knew could tie directly back to the proposals that came in from leads that were a result of the website.

Our 3-step PPC process

We comb through your current programs to find exactly where you’re wasting ad spend & where to reallocate those dollars.

Once we’ve “trimmed the fat”, we look at the bigger picture. We analyze these critical (but often overlooked) 11 factors in your account. The current state of each factor always illuminates the precise path forward for both short, and long term gains.
  1. Tracking
  2. Non-converting keywords
  3. Quality Score
  4. Ad Strength
  5. Low click-through rate ads
  6. Ad extensions
  7. Low conversion rate landing pages
  8. Search IS lost rank
  9. Search IS lost budget
  10. Device breakdown
  11. Network breakdown

It’s time to get to work. We immediately implement our ‘no-brainer’ findings and take strategic steps towards the moves that’ll benefit your account longer-term. You’ll experience acute attention and optimization of any and all in-platform opportunities, ad creatives, landing page experiences and the tracking needed to measure success. Then, we continually optimize to drive sustained incremental performance growth over time. And when you’re ready, we scale up ad spend to help you (profitably) capture more market share.

Our paid search success stories

How to get started

In a 30 minute call we’ll use your own data to:

  • Show you how much spend is being wasted – for FREE
  • Identify where it’s coming from
  • Definitively state if we can make a significant impact in your account’s performance

If your account is doing better than our baseline we’ll simply congratulate you. If it doesn’t, we’ll discuss what step 2 should look like.

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The data speaks for itself

Our revised landing pages, extensive keyword research, and audience insights produced results within months:

  • Google Ads conversions rose by 149.52%
  • Google Ads cost per conversion dropped by 49.95%
  • Leads increased from 33 per month to 300+ per month
  • Cost per lead plunged from $2,000 to $70

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