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“Power Moves” & The ROI on Digital

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Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

I have a wonderful business partner, Arsham, who most of you reading this probably know better than you know me.

He’s pretty much the perfect business partner, awesome in many ways.

But one of the awesome things he does is make POWER moves.

So much so, that among friends, we sometimes call him Arsham “power moves” Mirshah. I’m not even joking.

Let’s say you’re on vacation with a bunch of friends & planning to walk a mile or so across town, to go to a restaurant say, whatever.

Arsham’s the guy that pulls out his phone while everyone’s talking about it & says something like,

“Guys, we can easily just grab an Uber & get there 20 minutes earlier. It’s like $2 each. And it’s kinda raining. Raise your hand if you prefer walking.. Anyone?”

He just changed the game. And he regularly does stuff like that.

Hence, we call him “Power Moves” Mirshah 😉

So what the heck does this have to do with digital marketing results? Now that you’re thinking about it, you probably already know exactly what this has to do with digital & the ROI associated.

Don’t you see?

The fact is, if you’re just keeping “busy” (i.e. chattering about the mile-long walk across town) & not thinking of making any POWER moves (i.e. ordering black car service for $2/head) then you’re missing out on a LOT of opportunity.

The early bird still gets the worm. The fortune still favors the bold. That’s arguably more true in digital than anywhere else.

So long & short, if you’re NOT making ANY marketing power moves (or even thinking about it) & you’re just going along with the flow & letting all the noise happen around you. And you don’t have your next POWER moved planned…

Then what the heck are you doing?!

Take a page from Power Moves Mirshah’s book & make something good happen.

But how? What should you do? How do you decide?

Simple. Go with that thing that you feel pretty confident about, but not completely. Take your most promising, but not yet empirically proven idea… The one you have a good gut feeling about & go for it.

Go BIG on something.

Limit the downside in some way, obviously. But go sort of all in on your best idea. KEYWORD: sorta. Don’t blow your whole budget on a one-off idea.

But put a little more behind it than you’re totally comfortable with. Make it a campaign. And also put a little more thought & resources into it than what feels comfortable.

Go outside your comfort zone, take a risk, go for something you believe in.

Whether this works or not, it will help your cause. It’ll give you & your team a little confidence & swagger, even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you’d planned.

Often when you do things like this, you get unexpected treats. So you could easily learn some game-changer that you go on to make huge amounts of profit from.

Then when the executives sit down & evaluate & find this game-changer that YOU found b/c of the POWER moves you were making…  Well guess what? You’re getting a raise. Maybe a promotion. A bonus at least!

Because people that make power moves make things happen. They shake things up. They don’t always know how things will end up, but they have the guts to go after something & often times, good things come from it.

But results rarely pan out exactly how you’d expect them to.

In a lot of cases, initial results indicate that your idea was horrible. But then after a couple weeks, you come to find out that it was actually a VERY good idea, just needed more time.

As I write this, I’m relating back both to digital marketing results we’ve experienced with accounts but also personal experiences.

Arsham & I are not only business partners, but cousins. We’ve known each other forever, literally. We’ve been to so many places & met so many people & seen so many things together.

But I can always count on him to make those power moves & that’s one of the 100 reasons I love him. He’s a catalyst for awesome action & forward motion, a spark.

So… What about you? Could your digital marketing program use a spark? Doing a lot of stuff & just not seeing the return you’re looking for?

You need to make some power moves, my friend.

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Chris Mechanic Team Photo
Chris Mechanic | CEO & Co-Founder
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