Widen: Winning with Google ads + conversion rates

  • PPC Management, Conversion Optimization

The Challenge

Widen is a subsidiary of Acquia, an enterprise technology company that helps brands deliver integrated, cohesive digital experiences. Acquia acquired Widen in September 2021 to add its industry-leading DAM (digital asset management) product to the Acquia suite of solutions. With it, teams can organize, sync and deliver content assets with ease.

In March 2022, Widen retained WebMechanix to drive increased lead generation in their final year marketing under the Widen brand.

Widen had incentive to move fast, ahead of sales resourcing being transitioned into Acquia. The objective was to generate a higher volume of leads with the same monthly marketing budget.

The Process

We decided on a data-backed strategy and set expectations that we would spend the first three months in a baselining period, where performance could be volatile as our strategy took hold. With competitive research we dug deeper to test new offers, adjust bid strategies, audit keywords, and add new ad groups to display campaigns.

The Results

Our revised landing pages, extensive keyword research, and audience insights produced results within months:

  • Google Ads conversions rose by 149.52%
  • Google Ads cost per conversion dropped by 49.95%
  • Leads increased from 33 per month to 300+ per month
  • Cost per lead plunged from $2,000 to $70

Despite the challenges, we were committed to bringing impactful ideas to the marketing strategy and meeting Widen’s goals. Taking the time to test keywords, new offers, and bid strategies allowed us to see the gaps in the strategy and fill those gaps with what actually works.

The proof is in the numbers

Increase in Google ads conversions
Decrease in Google ad cost per conversion
Increase in leads per month
Decrease in cost per lead