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Step 1: Add Chat To Website. Step 2: Make A Fistful Of Money

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Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

Clients sometimes ask me how they can make more money. I tell them it’s simple.

  1. Add chat to website
  2. Man the chat stream

I’m not sure whether we’re the only internet marketing company in Baltimore that will install live chat on your website…but we’re definitely far beyond any marketing firms in MD/DC/VA when it comes to using live chat to make more money.

But that’s what we do. You’d expect nothing less.

We just hooked up one of our clients, a print management company that specializes in promotional products and office supplies…they LOVE it. They went from getting 1-2 web leads/day to 3-4! Pretty much overnight.

During the rest of this post, you’ll learn

  1. Why live chat rocks,
  2. How to add it to easily add chat to your website easily, and then most importantly…
  3. How to actually use chat to make money…while serving your customers more effectively.

If you don’t feel like reading…and you’d prefer someone to just walk you through the process and get it all set-up for you…just click here and contact us. You can also call us a 888-WEB-NUM-1.

Two Undeniable Reasons That Live Chat Rocks

In this day and age, web users expect answers immediately. If you don’t give them answers immediately, they’ll leave and find someone who does. When you add chat to website, you uncover a simple way for them to get their answers immediately….making it much more likely that you’ll convert them into a customer.

Users like that.

Whatever users like, you should do, because it will end up ultimately putting more money in your pocket. You make users happy, they make you happy. I’m pretty sure that’s called the Law of Reciprocity.

So if you want to make more money…and make users happy…add website chat capabilities.

How Do I Install Chat On My Website?

It’s pretty easy actually.

You will need some technical capabilities to get it up and running, but not much. You’ll probably want to customize the configuration of it, which requires a little more technical skill. I’d suggest you give it a shot yourself, and then call us if you have trouble.

First, you have to identify the actual chat software you want to add to your site. This is just like, the program that makes it possible. We’ve found a robust, intuitive, and inexpensive one called LiveHelpNow.

We’ve found it to be easy to set-up and generally easy to use. It supports multi-tasking, allowing operators to run an unlimited number of chat windows simultaneously. It also has something it calls the “Customer Information Feed” which allows operators to pass key customer information to sales representatives.

Pretty friggin’ cool.

Ok, So Add Chat To Website…But Then How Do I Make Money?

Now for the fun stuff…

How can you use live chat software to make more money? It’s easy…help your visitors find what they’re looking for!

Here are some keys to success with chat…

*Design an attractive call-out and test it.

You’ll have to put a button of some type on your website to notify users that you’ve added chat to the site. You’ve seen these before. They usually have a picture of a representative and say…”Live Chat: Online” or something to that effect.

The call-to-action is important as it is going to be a major determinant of how many people engage you via chat. You can always spark the conversation, but some users will find that intrusive. The ultimate measure of success with chat is usually how many users engage YOU.

*Train your operators well.

Unless you’re going to be monitoring the chat yourself, you’ll need to have an operator or two…or three. The quality of your operator will literally make or break your chat campaign. If your operator stinks, it’s not going to work. Training that person, and providing continual and periodic feedback is very important.

Some quick tips:

-Be fast. Speed is the whole point.

-Get information. Make sure you collect contact info.

-Set the appointment. Try to keep it short and sweet, move it to sales.

*Test like you’ve never tested before

Conversion is all about testing. If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time, you know this. When adding chat to website, there are SO many things to test.

From the visual design of the call-out, the copy on the call-out, the size and placement of the call-out, whether to engage visitors or not, the script you’re giving your operators…it’s enough to make your head spin.

But start somewhere and continually test until you get to a conversion rate you’re happy with.

Happy marketing!

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Chris Mechanic Team Photo
Chris Mechanic | CEO & Co-Founder
Chris is co-founder at WMX. He spends his days coming up with big ideas, writing long memos & mastering the 3 Ps – planning, pitching & podcasting.

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