Case Study

Website-in-a-box makes migration seamless

  • Web Design, UX/UI
  • Web Development, WP Migration
  • SEO
Download Summary

Taking the migraines out 
of migration.

Our client, ProDev, wanted to migrate their website to a more flexible, intuitive platform that their in-house team could update easily. WebMechanix delivered with our WordPress “Backbone” block theme.


The Process

The WebMechanix Backbone block theme takes flexibility to a whole new level. ProDev can now move content on a page simply by clicking a button. Entire blocks of content can be saved as modules and used again easily. Gone are the days when it took 48 hours (minimum!) to fix a typo or optimize a meta title.

In addition, our library of useful blocks helped ProDev to reformat their site, making it more visually engaging and SEO-friendly. And it created a whole new set of options for displaying content, like being able to highlight features with cards and icons, or add an accordion-style FAQ.

The Results

In other words, the WebMechanix Backbone block theme enabled ProDev to practically rebuild and redesign their website—without the headache and expense of redesigning their website.

Before After