#WinStoryWednesday: Inc. 5000, Best CFO Award, & Rave Reviews
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#WinStoryWednesday: Best CFO award, new tool & rave reviews

This week, we have some cool stories to share.

Win 1: Baltimore Business Journal bestows WebMechanix the “Best CFO” award

Baltimore Business Journal has awarded our CFO, Arsham Mirshah, the Best in Finance: CFO award for 2018 because of his phenomenal job guiding the company’s finances and making the magic happen. Congratulations!

Arsham is thankful and wants to share these words of wisdom:

“Everyone in life, no matter how smart you are, cannot be successful unless they know how to deal with people and manage money. If I could do college again, I’d be a finance major.”

Win 2: Outstanding Clutch.co reviews continue to flood in

We’ve mentioned Clutch in previous articles and how it’s the foremost marketing agency review site— kind of like a Yelp for agencies. Well, two more raving WebMechanix reviews have come through the door. Check out our listing here.

These new reviews make up 38 out of 40 new stars, which is a solid 95% approval rating—a testament to the great work we’re doing to ensure the prosperity of our clients.

Win 3: Testing a new tool yields highly valuable data

We’re always testing new solutions to stay on top of the rapidly changing digital marketing industry. Recently, we found out about Quantcast and decided to give it a spin. This solution provides robust website demographic data with a simple user interface anyone can understand.

Quantcast is a solution that fills the gap between Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights. Like Analytics, it tracks every user that hits your site and, using its network of tags, provides concise demographic and psychographic data. With only two weeks of data, we were able to discover useful insights that can dramatically improve the targeting of our advertisements.

A little drill-down for our like-minded data nerds out there: The most valuable feature they had is the “Index” metric. The standard “Composition” breakdown, which Quantcast also provides, shows you the percent of different people who were on your site (i.e., 40% male, 60% female). With Index, it shows a normalized view based on the average demographic makeup on the web. Therefore, you can see where your site has disproportionate traffic from the standard demographic.

Here‘s an example:

In this case, the site has a more significant number of visitors who are high income, graduate-level educated, and Asian compared to what we expect from the whole population. We’ll use these valuable insights to tailor creative and messaging to Affinity groups to drive more brand loyalty and conversion.

When you win, we win

#LegendaryService is and will always be one of our core values. It’s about solving problems before they appear, being reliable and understanding, encouraging clear communication, and exceeding expectations—all to build trust. We’re committed to continuing this trend because we know that the more value we provide to the marketplace, the more it will ultimately give back to us, in the form of brand, love, or the bottom line. When you win, we win.

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