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2019: A WebMechanix Year in Review

2019 was a big year for WebMechanix! We celebrated our 10-year anniversary and grew bigger than ever.

Our success wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing family. We’re grateful to our clients, team members, partners, and supporters for making this year the best yet. Look back with us at some of our memories and successes!

A new podcast and more content

We launched a podcast called More Than Marketing, hosted by our CEO, Arsham Mirshah. We’ve recorded 23 episodes so far with a cast of amazing guests. Here are a few of our favorite episodes:

We also published dozens of helpful articles on digital marketing topics. We wrote about Facebook advertising, marketing quality assurance, Google Display Network exclusions, leadership, sales and marketing alignment, and much more.

Giving back

Working with clients and helping them succeed is always rewarding. But what’s sometimes even more rewarding is channeling our efforts into supporting local causes.

Fortunately, the podcast wasn’t the only thing that gathered steam in 2019. We formed a charity committee late last year, and members of WebMechanix took part in 12 charity causes in 2019. Here’s a look at the results:

  • 70 hours of contributed volunteering time.
  • $815.37 donated to organizations.
  • 3,057 items donated.
  • 10 causes supported.

We hosted a diverse range of impactful charity events and successfully rallied much of our employees to participate. Let’s reflect on some of our favorites!

  • We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Our Daily Bread, an employment center in Baltimore. This event worked well because our team members could donate as little or as much time as they had free.
peanut butter jelly charity event
Valentine's day bake sale
  • We held a wildly successful food drive. Different departments competed to donate the most food to the Howard County Food Bank. We contributed four grocery carts, which weighed 749 pounds.
  • We raised $305 for the Boys and Girls Club in Baltimore through a charity raffle.
WebMechanix charity raffle

What a journey! Thanks to everyone for contributing to these wonderful causes. Along the way, we made many great friends and even better memories.

Client success stories

We love our clients and are truly invested in their success. Sometimes, we’re just so happy with the work we’ve done for a client—and they’re also so thrilled with the results—that we throw together a short win story with the highlights. Here are three notable ones from 2019.


Applying and competing for digital marketing and web awards is a tough gig since the applications often need an entire report with specific examples and visuals of recent projects.

Well, the stars must’ve aligned because 2019 was the best year we’ve had so far for winning awards! In 2019, we won 14 awards and got shortlisted for an additional three.

Some of these awards hold national and international respect. Applicants include businesses all over the country, and competition can get fierce. Here are some of our notable awards:

  • Muse Awards, one Gold for the corporate identity category, and two Rose Gold for the social media campaign and consulting website categories.


  • Hermes Awards, one platinum and two gold.
  • dotCOMM Awards, one platinum and one gold.
  • US Search Award for Best Large Integrated Search Marketing Agency.
  • AVA Digital Award, one platinum and one gold.
  • Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award.


Here are two articles about our experience at the award ceremonies:

WebMechanix wins Baltimore Business Journal’s Best Fastest Growing Company Award

WebMechanix wins Best Large Integrated Search Agency award

10-year anniversary

It was 10 years ago that two brilliant minds came together and opened the doors to WebMechanix. Since then, we’ve quinvigupled (25xed) and taken on larger clients. Here’s hoping for another decade of success (and many more to come!).


Our longest-tenured employee, Derek Cavaliero, also celebrated his ninth work anniversary. Check out our podcast episode with Derek, in which he discusses the benefits of Google Tag Manager.


Branding update

Gotta stay fresh for the new year, right?

WebMechanix’s design team took on the massive project of updating our branding. They interviewed our managers to get a sense of WebMechanix’s personality. With these insights, they analyzed hundreds of different fonts and color swatches and upgraded our typography, colors, and icons.

We’ll be rolling out the new branding soon! Here’s a sneak peek at what the site will look like once it goes live:

New Branding on Website

WebMechanix upper management also updated their company values to better reflect who we are today.

Our new values are:

  • Karma
  • Legendary Service
  • Data Rules
  • Learnaholic
  • Wins on Wins
  • Tinker, Test, Improve
  • Thoughts Matter

Fun memories

Of course, there were also a few holidays and traditions that we honored. We had a few good spooks this Halloween, held our annual autumn picnic, and got some well-deserved rest (and hearty food!) over Thanksgiving break.


Some of our team traveled to Boston to attend HubSpot’s Inbound conference with 24,000 other marketers.

And we also honored International Women’s Day!

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2020, here we come!

Suffice it to say that 2019 was a huge success! We welcomed bigger clients, achieved bigger wins, gave back to the needy, and had a wonderful time working alongside each other. And we’re not finished.

We plan to achieve even more in 2020. Our vision is to become one of the most respected digital marketing agencies in the world. We’ll work patiently and diligently toward that goal by reinvesting in our training, talent, service, and marketing performance.

With lots of love, the WebMechanix team wishes you happy holidays! May your stockings be full of whatever your heart desires this year.

WebMechanix November 2019 gif

Chris and Arsham, our co-founders, wish you a great 2020! Arsham says,

“What do you get when you mix hard and smart work together? Another great year in the books! We’re lucky to have a smart and loyal team of #Learnaholics who deliver #LegendaryService every day. We’ll continue our quest to dominate the performance-based digital advertising and growth marketing landscape in 2020 and beyond. Thank you to our clients, team, partners, vendors, and local community for the continued love and support.”

Check out their podcast episode on how to make web tracking clean for the new year.

Now, we want to hear from you. How was your 2019?

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