The 3 Secrets to Driving Hypergrowth Online with Adam Goyette of Help Scout

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Welcome back to “3-Minute Marketing”, the podcast where the world’s top growth marketing leaders reveal their most valuable & useful insights for driving acquisition, growing brands & building demand.

On today’s show, I get the chance to interview Adam Goyette, VP Marketing at Help Scout. Adam has an impressive track record of being the “secret weapon” behind winning acquisition & demand programs at brands like G2, Thryv, FieldLens, Booker Software & Cision. He’s a brilliant tactical marketer & a passionate teacher of the craft of digital growth marketing.

My question for Adam is, “What are your secrets to driving hypergrowth online?”

Show Notes:

  • Secret #1: Be willing to be scrappy. Don’t test one tactic or tool. Test quickly to see what works & then double down on winners
  • Secret #2: Stand out in a sea of sameness. Don’t be boring. Take the time to create content & messaging that’s both different & high-quality.
  • Secret #3: Hire amazing people to your team who care more about their end outcomes vs. the individual tactics they’re trying to do.
  • In interviews, ask your hire for different data points to justify their previous work. Then ask them to tie it all together.
  • To recruit amazing talent, figure out what makes your culture/company uniquely attractive. That’s where you’re going to win.
  • Make your career awesome & move up by understanding ALL the numbers — not just the marketing side but on the sales side as well. CEOs & CMOs care about insight, not the nitty gritty of campaigns.
  • “Sell the sizzle” of your campaigns to your sales team to show what you’re doing for them & win them to your side.
  • Get alignment with your C-suite on where you want to be on customer acquisition cost payback while setting the expectation that that campaigns won’t hit that mark in the first few months.
  • Adam’s latest winning tactic: competitor conquesting campaigns. For example, use a technographic research tool (like BuiltWith or Datanyze) to identify companies that onboarded a competitor recently, but their contract renewal period is coming up.
Adam Goyette

Adam GoyetteVP Marketing at Help Scout

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