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Welcome to the first episode ever episode of Three Minute Marketing, our company’s new podcast show. In “Episode Zero” of this podcast, I’m going to cover what Three Minute Marketing is about and why you should listen.


– [Chris Mechanic] Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m Chris Mechanic, passionate growth marketer and co-founder at WebMechanix, one of the fastest growing digital consultancies in the world. And I’m constantly meeting and learning from super interesting, talented growth marketers across the ecosystem, like, literally, from the Amazons and Microsoft of the world all the way down to your little scrappy $5 million startup and almost everything in between. And one day, while learning something awesome from somebody amazing, I thought, Man, wouldn’t other marketers just love this. We got to make a podcast, but not just any marketing podcast, it’s got to be short. It’s got to be value packed. It’s got to focus on acquisition and it’s got to bring the best of the best minds together in a short micro interview style format. So, if you’re in charge of performance marketing whether it’s leads, sales, revenues, profits, ROAS, you’ll love these crunchy bite-sized micro interviews of the best thinking concepts and ideas from growth leaders, including Amazon, Poshmark, Motley fool, ADA, Gong, you name it, lots and lots of awesome brands. And also some diversity. We’re going to be talking to search. We’re going to be talking social, we’ll talk mobile, we’ll talk analytics. We’re going to talk UX and conversion. We’re going to be all in a room talking copywriting, and just general growth techniques. It’s going to be diverse and hard hitting and fast. We wanted this to be the, the highest value per minute marketing podcasts on the planet. You’re going to love this. If you’re a founder, a marketing executive, a CMO even a hands-on keyboard up and coming marketing warrior. Really. If you’re into performance marketing whatsoever, direct response, lead gen, e-comm, revenue maximization. This is going to be a lot of fun. I really love the idea of larger brands learning from smaller and more scrappy brands and vice versa. I’d love to see CMO’s learning from media buyers and vice versa. I love sharpening skill sets getting insight, inspiration, ideas, and certified value bombs all across the marketing ecosystem. So, let’s scale it up! Let’s go! Ha. No, seriously. This is the podcast I wish that I had a decade ago, the best growth techniques from the brightest growth thinkers on the planet and fast rapid style micro-interview format. What could possibly go wrong? So, go ahead and subscribe now to Three Minute Marketing in Apple, Spotify, Overcast wherever you’d like to listen to podcasts and be the first to hear about new episodes as they drop. Thank you so very much, signing off now. I cannot wait to help you take your growth marketing game to the next level. Thank you.

Chris Mechanic

Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

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