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Social Media Marketing For Large Companies

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Arsham MirshahCEO & Co-Founder

Whenever we talk about social, undoubtedly somebody asks us about social media marketing for large companies. Here’s some insight into what big companies should look for when they take the dive into social.

Your firm can only do so much

Perhaps the most important dynamic of social for larger companies to consider, is that it doesn’t lend itself well to being full-service. This is important because a lot of larger companies are accustomed to their interactive agency doing everything for them.

Social media marketing for large companies is interesting in that for it to be most effective, it should be administered in-house. The responsibility of your agency is therefore to simply help you set it up and get started.

The questions to ask

Knowing the answer to these few questions before endeavoring to set-up your social media marketing campaign will help you along your way.

1. What outlets should I use?

There are thousands upon thousands of social networking sites. Which of them are you planning on using? Are you planning on using just the most popular ones, like Facebook and Twitter? Are there any niche sites that apply directly to your audience? Will you be using only one site, or multiple sites?

2. What can we offer users?

Why should users interact with you? What are they getting out of the deal? Usually the answer to this question will be content of some type–either information, humor, or some special offer.

3 (and most importantly). Who’s gonna do it?

Continuing on the point we were alluding to earlier regarding your firm only being able to do so much for you…social media marketing for large companies is not effective when the conversations are being administered by your agency!

Let me repeat that because it’s important…If you want your social media marketing campaign to be successful, YOU or somebody else that works at YOUR company has to administer it.

The actual conversations, that is.

Now you’re wondering why…

The fabric of social

Social is based on realness. That is, being genuine. And the fact of the matter is, big company or small, if your agency is doing the talking for you, then it’s not real. Right? By definition it would be fake.

Fake doesn’t fly in social. It’s gotta be real. In that sense, social media marketing for big companies is not much different than it is for small companies. It’s gotta be real.

For more information on setting up a REAL social media marketing campaign, contact WebMechanix for a chat.

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