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#WinStoryWednesday: SEO launches national client to #1 & PPC results sing for SaaS leader

Welcome to #WinStoryWednesdays, where we highlight a handful of our agency’s achievements. Take a glimpse at how WebMechanix moves the needle with smart marketing. This week, we scored both qualitative and quantitative wins for our clients.

Win 1: Accountability and direction lead to multiple client “Thank You’s”

We recently received a Thank You message from a valued staffing client applauding our ability to find opportunities consistently. Here’s a portion of the message that made us blush:

“Wanting to extend another Thank You to you and your IT Director for identifying our slow server speeds. I have communicated to our CEO that it was thanks to you that this was uncovered … Let’s continue to monitor to see if we get the result we are looking for.”

During another call, a B2B SaaS client said they’re getting “five times the leads they expected from PPC.”

Additionally, our Senior Web Developer, Walt, and UX/CRO Designer, Justin, recently built a HubSpot Email Template and provided a walkthrough video for clients. We got this message after showing the video to a client: “the video was SUPER helpful, and I’m really excited about the template!”

We also gratefully received a 5-star review titled “Truly Experts in Their Field” on our HubSpot Partners agency page, keeping our average rating at 5-stars.

WebMechanix hubspot review
A Client Review on WebMechanix’s HubSpot Agency Partner page

Win 2: Rankings Jump from 98 to #1 for National Baseball Client

Through targeted SEO efforts, we helped a new baseball client rank #1 on Google search results for a highly competitive baseball keyword. Their industry is a tough niche, so much so that search terms relevant to their business are also relevant to much larger entities — including Major League Baseball. We were able to move one of their pages from position #98 to #1 in the search results, right above

Win 3: Making numbers sing in AdWords

We recently tested a Target CPA Experiment in AdWords for a B2B SaaS client. The image below shows the results for the seven days before the launch of the experiment compared with the week the experiment ran.

Google Ads target CPA decrease win

And here’s the total results of the experiment compared to the original:

Total results of Google Ads experiment

Notice how the cost per conversion and conversion rate improved astronomically. Marketers may counter with, “Well, it doesn’t matter if the results look good if it isn’t statistically significant! That’s how you can manipulate the data!”

Well, we’re happy to report it is statistically significant. Variation “A” converted 212% better than Variation “B”! That’s the kind of results everyone likes to see!

What a great week

From client praise to wins in SEO and AdWords, we’re happy to continue to provide #legendary service. Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for the next episode of #WinStoryWednesdays!

Interested in building a B2B SaaS marketing plan strategy? Grab a free template here.

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William Chou
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