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No Time for a PPC Audit Report? Then Go Ahead and Shred Money.

This is a story about why you need a PPC audit report ASAP.

Spoiler alert: basically overnight, up and coming ad extraordinaire Casey Hawkins got a 65% increase in conversion rate and 42% decrease in cost per acquisition for one of our clients just by doing a thorough audit.

Here at WebMechanix, we’re pretty darn good at strategic PPC management.  Just last month, we were bragging about a triple-digit ROI we nailed with AdWords dynamic ads.

When it comes to paid search and paid social, every success story begins with a paid media audit.  We’ve done thousands across nearly any platform you can think of… Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, AdRoll, the list goes on.

Frankly, not everyone gets warm and fuzzy about putting their ad accounts under a proverbial magnifying glass.

I totally get that.

We can make a million excuses to do this next week, next month or even next year when we really should make the time for completing a PPC audit today.

Here’s why:

You are almost certainly wasting at least 63% of your ad budget.

This can happen in a few ways:

  • Audience targeting is too broad
  • A negative keyword list isn’t implemented (or it’s too narrow)
  • Expensive keywords just aren’t converting often enough
  • Some obscure or confusing  box is checked in innocence

More often than not, all of these factors are present in some combination.

Back to Casey Hawkins… A couple of weeks ago, she did an audit for a client that hired us to help with their B2B SaaS marketing strategy.

Though the client’s ad accounts were actually performing well above general benchmarks, Casey still identified a few critical things:

  1. Ads were targeting poor intent keywords, meaning the terms were not relevant enough to the company’s product line and therefore driving costs but not conversions.
  2. Multiple campaigns were targeting the same keywords, whereby driving up costs by competing against each other – even though they were all on the same account.
  3. Some terms were indeed relevant but just weren’t converting, leading to inefficiency.

Fortunately, these were all very fixable issues.

By tackling just those three things above, Casey got a 65% increase in conversion rate and 42% decrease in cost per acquisition inside of a week.

Sound appealing?  Here is a PPC audit template to help you get started.  That one happens to be for AdWords, but the advice is applicable across platforms.

Sound too time-consuming? Let us conduct a custom PPC audit for you so you can receive your own eye-opening PPC audit that will make an impact.

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Clare French
Clare French
Clare is Director of Marketing and has been a SaaS marketer for over a decade at a diverse array of software companies. She [finally] joined WebMechanix as a transplant from the client side, having hired the agency time and again. In her spare time, she goes to lots of concerts, seeks to make the world a better place and adores her darling dog, Sunshine.

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