We Bet More Than 63% of Your Adwords Spend is Wasted…

See Where You are Losing Money

Our manual approach to auditing reveals opportunities that increase ROI every single time. Learn how you’re wasting money and missing out on smack-you-in-the-face opportunities.

So, why are we doing this for free? Because we’re so confident that you’ll be floored by the results, that we’ll earn a customer for life. All it takes is “Read-only access” to your AdWords and just 1 hour of your time to review the findings.

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"The audit from WebMechanix proved our existing strategy was weak, and provided clear areas for improvement. We're no longer spending blindly."
-Kelsi Bell, Account Executive at NDP

What You Get In Your Audit

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1. A FREE Personalized Adwords Audit ($4,000 Value)

This isn’t a cookie-cutter computer generated audit — it’s tailored specifically to your business. You’ll get real, actionable advice that will help you reduce wasted spend and put it towards acquiring cheaper, more qualified leads.

2. See EXACTLY Where Your Campaigns Are Losing You Money

Don’t be one of these statistics…

  • Only 15% of Adwords accounts are fully optimized.
  • 81% of Campaigns never produce a positive return.
  • 73% of unoptimized ads ran for months without getting found.
  • 91% of your budget is spent on keywords that never convert.
  • 27% of ads have a quality score that can be easily improved.

3. A Complete Review Of Every Part of Your Account

We’ll find what’s hiding in your campaigns and tell you how to fix it. Wouldn’t it be a relief to finally know that your ROI can be so much more, and how to actually improve it? (That is after you get over the shock of what you’ve been leaving on the table.)

Bottom Line: We’re Certified Experts that Post Big Wins

We are a Maryland-based digital marketing agency that thinks in terms of tangible business results. We don’t care about traffic and other vanity metrics; we care about about your return on ad spend. Period.

  • Many of our clients have been with us for 5 years
  • Our average client gets a return on marketing of 729%
  • Our average client cost per lead decreases by 336%
Adwords Certified
Co-Founders of WebMechanix:
   Chris Mechanic & Arsham Mirshah
Chris Mechanic & Arsham Mirshah