SaaS company gains 2K+ spike in MQLs in just a few weeks with design and SEO overhaul

  • Conversion Optimization, SEO, Analytics + Measurement
  • Digital Design, Web Design, UX Design
  • Web Development

The Challenge

Zephyr SmartBear is a leading provider of software testing tools, with major clients like IBM, Google, and Cisco. They tapped us to drive growth via SEO, SEM, analytics, UX, development and conversion — a big job with many moving parts, tight timelines and aggressive goals including a quick, short-term win.

The Process

Lead gen quick wins: We identified a popular-yet-underutilized content asset and made it the “star” of Zephyr’s website. We also launched a new webinar campaign to build market presence and fill the funnel for the sales team.

Core systems overhaul: We performed a rapid refresh of the website design / UX to reflect the new direction of the brand. We also implemented core SEO, analytics, marketing automation and CRM integrations.

Product-led pivot: We introduced new PLG elements to the buying journey, shifting from a “demo” focus to a more scalable “Free Trial” focus with a paywall.

The Results

The content asset pulled 1,400+ leads in a few short months. The webinars generated 1,100+ registrations, including many high-value enterprise prospects. As a result of the quality and sheer quantity of leads generated as well as the success of the shift to a more product-led model, our client smashed through their annual pipeline and revenue goals.

The proof is in the numbers

Webinar registrations
Content asset leads