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Today’s guest is a longtime marketer that has been recognized as one of 2021’s Most Outstanding Women in Business and is flipping marketing’s position within organizations on its head.

Esther Flammer is the CMO of Wrike. Esther discusses the role of marketing, how to get a seat at the table to make strategic decisions, and why you should highlight your customers.

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  1. Marketing is not just a support function, marketing can and should be a strategic driver for any organization. Marketing should have its finger on the pulse of the market and understand how the organization needs to position itself to capture the market.
  2. For marketers to earn a seat at the table and be able to make a bigger impact, they need to understand the organizational priorities and build relationships of trust to ensure that they can have the appropriate conversations if they disagree with the priorities.
  3. Marketers need to build their point of view based on data and their analysis of that data in order to properly evaluate strategic options. Marketers need to be able to build a business case around why their idea is good for the business.
  4. For product-led companies, the “land and expand” go-to-market model can be extremely successful.
  5. Highlight your customers’ success stories. This will endear them to you even more and by putting the spotlight on their organization it will reflect well back on your company.
  6. Because many companies will have their own use cases and best practices, your marketing should reflect a certain level of segmentation and you need to ensure that you’re producing the right content to help them get to the next level.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Marketing is not just a support function” – Esther Flammer


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