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Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur with 3 successful exits, an Angel and Impact Investor, and a digital performance marketing pioneer. They are also the former Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of CARCHEX.

Jason Goldsmith is the Chief Consultant & Strategist at Goldsmith Consulting and he has a wealth of marketing knowledge to share.

Jason delves into how both B2B and B2C marketers can use conversational AI in their funnels, how to stay ahead of your competitors, and why you should be prioritizing customer experience.

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  1. Marketers need to make sure their companies stay ahead of competitors by effectively communicating how their company is learning and using that insight to provide value to their customers. Marketers also need to be on the look out for unsaturated markets.
  2. Always look for ways to innovate around the problems your face in your industry because ther will be others facing those same problems. For example, when mortgage brokers were relying on direct mail, digital marketing presented a great chance to grow.
  3. Even in well-established verticals there are opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of by disruptors. The key to staying ahead of competitors and providing value to customers is to balance the quality of a deliverable at a quantity that can scale.
  4. Marketers can use conversational AI tools to build a better mousetrap which can enable a smart funnel to engage leads. The most important part of the funnel to improve using conversational AI is the front-end customer experience.
  5. Don’t think about using AI just a way to cut costs and trim your workforce. By intelligently deploying conversational AI tools throughout your funnel, you can deliver a better experience, drive better conversion rates, and produce more revenue.
  6. By training your AI tool, you company will be able to deliver consistent experiences to every customer, which is something you just can’t realistically do with a human team.
  7. Although conversational AI isn’t perfect yet, it’s worth starting to use it despite the issues. As early adopters of this technology, you can discover how to optimize its use and get well ahead of your competitors. You never want to have to catch up to your competitors.

Quote of the Show:

  • “As a marketer, I think you have to think more like the business owner” – Jason Goldsmith


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Jason Goldsmith

Jason GoldsmithChief Consultant & Strategist at Goldsmith Consulting | Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO at CARCHEX

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Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

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