Pilot Programs

Plug in our team of digital performance marketers. We’ll solve your toughest growth challenges, hit your numbers and make you look like a rockstar. Get instant access to a team of digital marketing experts, including digital strategists, creatives and developers – all working to crush your marketing and business goals.

Trusted by category leaders and challengers alike

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Pilot overview

Why hire WebMechanix?

Brands hire us when they need a proactive partner as an extension of their team to drive fast and consistent results.

The 3 things clients love most about working with us are:

  1. We speak "business": As technical as we may be, we focus first and foremost on business outcomes and clear, candid communication. Not dazzling you with the latest buzzwords.
  2. Scroll-stopping creative: Creative is both what you see and what you feel. Our creative gets the attention, creates connection, motivates action and drives breakthroughs.
  3. Revenue-driven optimization: We translate your business goals into "Algorithm". Enhance your campaigns with powerful machine learning that delivers business outcomes more effectively over time.

Our pilot process


Expect a seamless transition. WebMechanix executive leadership will work personally with your team. We'll ensure knowledge is transferred and needed access is set up so we can move fast.

Timeline: ~2 weeks


The official start of our engagement is this 60-minute call. You'll meet your team and align on strategy, approach, priorities, timelines and milestones.

Timeline: Day "0"

Business discovery + quick wins

As we interview your stakeholders and audit your existing assets and data, our digital marketers jump into action. We'll find and act on short-term opportunities, giving you an immediate incremental lift in performance.

Timeline: Day 0-30

(Re)build and (re)launch

Based on our discovery, we'll build the entire program you need to hit your marketing and business goals – including all the data, media, channels, creatives and tech.

Timeline: Day 15-45

Learn and scale

We'll analyze and work closely with your team to find what's working. Once we've cracked the code, we'll scale effort and ad spend to turn up the dial on qualified leads, sales and revenue. You'll get real-time reporting and weekly calls with tangible strategy insights.

Timeline: Day 45-180

Celebrate wins and plan next steps

You're crushing your quarterly goals and popping champagne. But we're just getting started.

We'll assess our learnings over the pilot period, then come to you with a plan to take things to the next level. (And if you like, restructure our agreement to a fee-for-performance model.)

Timeline: Day 180+

Cost and commitment

Pilots start at $10K per month. Cost varies based on scope of work, media spend and the level of effort needed to hit your goals. The minimum commitment is 6 months.

Our guarantee: We only win if you do.

We're the only agency in our category that'll put their money where their mouth is.

Our deal structures align our incentives and spread the risk. So we choose our battles carefully. And we only accept clients we know we can deliver for.

Meet your WebMechanix team

We don't hire talking heads. Your main point-of-contact is an expert digital marketer that cares deeply about your business and marketing wins.

World-class hands-on experts in the disciplines your team needs to hit its goals: from PPC to CRO, SEO, marketing operations and more.

High-performing, award-winning creatives who are digital natives. Our ads and experiences drive big results for some of the biggest brands on Earth.

Make our secret weapon your secret weapon. Build powerful experiences, integrate systems, enhance your data and train algorithms to drive business outcomes.

Put us in the cockpit, chief.

If you're hiring an agency within the next 6 months, we recommend scheduling a consultation ASAP. If you're not ready yet, try our playbooks or coaching instead.


We typically kick off our engagements two weeks out from signing.

However, we only take on 2-3 clients per month and usually have a waiting list for new clients. So if you're looking to hire an agency sooner rather than later, we recommend scheduling your consultation immediately.


You should see an incremental lift in the first 30-60 days.

But the real gains come in months 3-6+, when we've tuned your campaigns and start scaling up.

Nope. Unlike other agencies, we're very selective – both in who we hire and who we take on as a client. This ensures our clients get real experts on their account that can deeply understand their goals and how to solve their toughest marketing challenges.

Definitely. But because our teams are in high demand, we'll need a commitment from you that you're otherwise ready to move forward. Once you're committed, we'll finalize and arrange a call to introduce you to your account manager and key team members.

We're flexible. That said, we'll want to discuss this to make sure your team has the bandwidth and capability to pull off what's needed to ensure we're successful together.

If your team's bandwidth or skill set isn't quite where it needs to be, no worries. You can tap our team to fill in the gaps.

You can check out our capabilities here. When we build your pilot plan, we'll recommend the services that best align with your goals and budget.

Weekly or bi-weekly calls are standard to review reports / status updates and close the loop on performance. More in-depth business reviews happen quarterly.

Clients can contact their account manager directly anytime. We use Slack, Google Meet, email and phone, but can use your preferred methods (like Zoom or Teams) as well.

You'll get a customized, real-time report built in Google Data Studio. We'll customize this based on the benchmarks and metrics that matter to you. See an example SEO/SEM report here.

We do take on some project work, but only if there's interest in a longer-term relationship.