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When it comes to search engine marketing in Washington DC, you’ll benefit from a digital marketing firm that has a complete understanding of both the pay-per-click side and the search engine optimization (SEO) side.

You see, the truth is that most PPC agencies in Washington DC are strong in one area of search engine marketing but not the other. They have a good grasp of Google ads maintenance, for example, but don’t have a strong strategy to improve organic search rankings.

Webmechanix, a digital marketing agency near Washington DC holds a unique position due to our history of working within both sides of search engine marketing to achieve stellar results for our clients. In the ten years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped various companies climb the organic search rankings for priority keywords and obtained more sales at a cheaper cost with Google ads.

As a result of our determination, hard work, and accountability on return on investment, we’ve won various awards over the years, including Inc. 5000 for six years (that’s including one year where we forgot to submit, but if we did, we totally would’ve made list) and the Muse awards. Additionally, we have a history of building relationships with our clients that span many years, due to our exceptional customer service and ability to deliver on business goals. We’ve proven ourselves to be an asset for companies looking for help with search engine marketing in Washington DC.

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Select Results We’re Achieving from Search Engine Marketing

+447%Paid Leads

Many businesses are delighted with a 200% increase in leads or sales. Well, how about a 447% increase? We broke through the old ceiling at a Texas university.

+363%Conversion Rate

Some conversion rate optimization experts struggle to score an additional 20% increase in conversion rate. Well, we obtained a three-digit percentage increase in conversion rate for Salsa Labs.

+344%Appointments Booked

Booking appointments is a primary driver of nearly every business. We drove nearly 3.5 times as many appointments for NAVA Health & Vitality Center.

Personalized SEM services based on your unique situation

Imagine owning the top results for the paid and organic segments of the keywords you care about. When a potential customer turns to a search engine to find a solution to a problem you know your company can solve, the first thing that person sees is your site. Now, that’s powerful. And if they have any skepticism with the ads that appear at the top of the page, the first organic result is also your site. How would that affect your business revenue? We’d be willing to bet it would be pretty impactful.

Webmechanix has been able to help businesses dominate the first page for priority search keywords for ten years, and in that time we’ve remained agile by staying current on technology and search trends. Because of this, we’re confident that we can help more businesses in the Washington DC area exceed their long-term business goals in the modern digital environment. That’s because we’ve done it time and time again. We have strong the PPC and SEO services in Washington DC that it takes to be successful.