The Breakdown: LinkedIn Rolls Out Updates to LinkedIn Events
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The Breakdown: LinkedIn Rolls Out Updates to LinkedIn Events

To take advantage of the recent boom in virtual events and gatherings, LinkedIn has been promoting organic LinkedIn Events and has even rolled out some new advertising features for them.

Here are the notable updates:

  • LinkedIn Live, the platform’s live-streaming feature, can now stream directly to LinkedIn Event attendees. You can even stream up to four separate broadcasts simultaneously. LinkedIn Live also sends a push notification to attendees 15 minutes prior to an event. During LinkedIn Lives, you can comment alongside attendees.
  • LinkedIn Live example
  • There is a new Events tab on the home page, on LinkedIn profiles, and in LinkedIn’s advanced search function to help people find upcoming events.
  • You can share LinkedIn Events to your page’s followers, and LinkedIn will send notifications to the most relevant members. Event posts offer a better user experience and better visibility when scrolling.
  • LinkedIn will send an email reminder and in-platform notification to anyone who RVSPs to your event.
  • Once your event is over, you can remarket to attendees.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Events From Our WebMechanix Team

Here are our recommended best practices for getting the most out of LinkedIn Events:

  1. Promote your events by collecting leads or spreading brand awareness. You’ll have up to 90 days to download all registrant data from the event (organic and paid).
  2. From our experience with clients, the most popular and successful events promoted on LinkedIn are webinars, panel Q&As, and thought leader interviews. Choose one of those three content types if you run a LinkedIn Event.
  3. When organically promoting your event, tag your partner brands and speakers. Encourage them to tag each other as well so you can leverage their social network and increase reach.
  4. Email marketing is also essential for promoting events; you’ll get a custom LinkedIn URL that you can share.
  5. Use single-image ads to promote your event since this ad type is often the best to drive registrations.
  6. When the event is over, always share your replay. We often promote replays afterwards as on-demand events to continue bringing in new leads, as long as the content is still relevant.

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Charlee Boone
Charlee is one of WebMechanix's social media marketing gurus. She also helps coordinate our company charity events. Outside of the office, she can be found snuggled up with her rescue pets and a good book.

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