The Breakdown: LinkedIn Launches Flowchart Reporting for New “Message Ads”
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The Breakdown: LinkedIn Launches Company Engagement Report for ABM Campaigns

Account-based marketing (ABM) has been sweeping the B2B industry. However, it can be challenging to see how marketing impacts these accounts. LinkedIn, one of the major ABM advertising platforms, rolled out its new Company Engagement report in late October.

This report shows the accounts you’re targeting and reveals how well your content or ads are performing based on your engagement. It also shows whether you’re focusing on the accounts that mean the most to you. And within those accounts, the report tells you whether you’re reaching the people who make or influence business decisions.

How to Access the Report

You can only see the report if you upload a list of accounts, and that list matches over 300 LinkedIn members. Go to your Matched Audiences and click the name of the account list you want to analyze.

What You Can Learn From the Report

You can see an engagement report (example below) or a details report that shows account info like industry and size.

LinkedIn Engagement Report Example

In this engagement report, you can search for specific accounts, see how often you target them, and their engagement with ads or organically with your company. You can filter by different website audiences or time frames.

So What Do You Do With This Data?

You can start by looking at your impressions and members by account. Are the most important accounts getting the most budget? Based on this info, adjust bids, budgets, and targeting in your ad campaigns, as necessary.

Have any of these accounts started a conversation with your team? Then, follow through with this account. Or, if there’s no or little response, should you move these accounts down the marketing funnel? These moves require clear-eyed consideration.

Is a company highly engaged with your ads and content, but your sales team isn’t talking to anyone there yet? Maybe it’s time the SDRs/BDRs give another call, or send some “lumpy mail.”

Are you reaching the right roles and senior job titles? If your engagement level is low, what else can you test? New content or refreshing the look of your ads could increase ad campaign engagement metrics, like CTR.

Cross reference this information with the ad campaign data. Look at the demographics report and see what information you can uncover. If the cross-reference is unsatisfactory, adjust your plan.

Want to know more? Check out LinkedIn’s site to see any updates.

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