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How to: Use Analytics to Map URLs with Page Titles

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map and export page urls to title tags with google analyticsThere comes a time in every SEO or WebMaster’s life when they just want to export a list of their site’s URLs and page title tags

For me, that day was today.

Here is a VERY EASY way to use custom reports in the new version of Google Analytics to see a report of your page URLs and matching titles…

How to: Get a List of Page URLs w/ Corresponding Titles

Strap in for this one…



Open the analytics profile that you want to display page URL & title tag information and PASTE the above URL.

Google is going to ask which profile you want to use.. go ahead and select it.

Andddd… YOU’RE DONE! – Told you it was VERY EASY 🙂

Bonus Features —

Want a complete list of your website’s URLs & matching page titles? … Extend the number of rows to 500 (or more, if you’re slick 🙂 and export to excel .csv!

export page title and urls excel csv

Want different metrics to show up in the table? … Feel free to edit and customize this custom report to your liking 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below… Otherwise, check out these other Google Analytics tips/tricks/features that you HAVE to use:

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