New Google Analytics Interface: Create New Goals

April 15, 2011    8 Comments

The new Google Analytics interface is rolling out right now… you can access it by clicking “New Version” in the upper right links of your analytics account.

At first, I was somewhat lost – especially when it came to doing (arguably) the most important thing in Google Analytics: create new goals!

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to others to do a quick tutorial on how to add new goals in the new Google Analytics interface.

(Should I be capitalizing “Google” and/or “Analytics”? – Seriously, what do you say?)

Create New Goals in New Google Analytics Interface/UI

This will be real quick & I think you can figure it out by just flipping through the screenshots below:

Click Account Administration New Google Analytics

Click the little cog in the upper right

Once you’re in the new Google Analytics interface, click the little cog in the upper right hand corner…

Search For Google Analytics Account

Search for the Google Analytics account that has the website you want to create new goals for

Find the Analytics account that houses the website profile that you want to manage goals on…

Click Through To The Website Profile You Want To Manage Goals On

Click through to the website profile you want to manage goals on

Find and click on the website profile that you want to manage or create new Analytics goals on…

(I know what you’re thinking… “so many clicks in this new version of Analytics, jeez!“)

Create New Goal New Google Analytics

And finally, create a new goal! (Or manage or modify existing ones)

Ta-Da! You’re there… welcome to the new Google Analytics interface for creating new goals (and managing or modifying existing goals).

So that’s it… stop reading this and GO DO IT!

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Bonus: Event Tracking Goals in New Google Analytics

If you’re a Google Analytics junkie like me, you were jumping for joy when Google announced new event goals in Analytics… I actually hit my head on the ceiling from jumping so high!

If you use event tracking to gain more insight on how your visitors interact with your website…

  1. First off, kudos to you…
  2. You can now add goals on events!

Wha.. wha.. WHAT!? – yeah, that’s what I said.

Here is a screenshot of the new event tracking goals interface in the new version of Google Analytics…

Event Track Goals New Version Analytics

Event tracking interface in the new version of Analytics

As you can see, you can trigger a goal when an event is tracked or triggered, and you can use regular expressions on the event category, action, label, or value to trigger the goal.

AWESOME stuff.

Sounds cool & you want to use it, but don’t know how? No problem: We can hook you up.

So that’s it, go have some fun with the new Google Analytics interface and create new goals to track your leads or revenue!

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Written by: Arsham Mirshah (79 Articles)

WebMechanix co-founder, technical SEO, Google analytics junkie, & web dev'r who loves to ski, play tennis and demonstrate ROI.

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  • Eric P

    Dude, I couldn’t figure out how to edit/create goals in the new interface, and I so frustrated I switched back to the old version, but I couldn’t find anything on Google help. Of course it would be you guys getting it right. Excellent tutorial, thanks so much

    • Arsham Mirshah

      My pleasure bro, glad it helped Eric!

  • Kchurchill

    This is the first tutorial that actually allowed me to get the results I wanted! Someone at Google is sorely missing your expertise right now!

    • Arsham Mirshah

      Ah, you are way too kind. We wrote this because we had trouble finding it as well – Really glad it helped!

      Is there anything else we can help with? Other tutorials you’d like to see? Would love your input, ideas, & suggestions :)