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How marketing can help sales close more deals

Anyone who’s worked in marketing or sales before will tell you that the relationship between the two can sometimes be a fraught one. But the divide between them is closing, and sales and marketing alignment is becoming more common.

As a marketer, you have the power to further close this gap by helping sales close more deals. Here are three actionable tips on how to get a lead through the marketing and sales funnel and turn them into a paying customer.

(Note: These tips are courtesy of Patrick Edmonds, CMO at Proposify. To hear more knowledge bombs like these, listen to the full episode of our 3-Minute-Marketing podcast here.)

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Tip #1: Provide cover fire

If you’re choosing to pay for ad spend, make sure you’re spending it on the right people. If you’re doing any type of retargeting or prospecting, make sure you’re using custom audiences and tools on platforms like LinkedIn.

Target and advertise to the people that are in your sales team’s sights right now, and not someone higher funnel. Make sure they’re as close to the bottom of the funnel and in your sales team’s hands as possible.

To help sales close more deals, focus your marketing efforts on advertising to and educating the potential customers that are the closest to becoming actual customers.

Tip #2: Templatize documents for your sales team

“[Your sales team] do not have time to be creating their own content and their own assets,” says Edmonds. “If you’re a marketer that wants to help them, you want to make sure that when your sales person gets off the call, they’re able to send them that deck, that proposal, that quote, that contract. They should be able to have a branded, awesome sales document as soon as they get off the call or ideally as they’re on the call.”

As a marketing team, templatize those documents for your sales team. They will then be able to make changes as needed, pull information from your CRM, and get winning proposals in their prospects hands as fast as possible.

Tip #3: Jump on calls with your sales team

Marketers should be talking to customers and understanding who they are. One of the best ways to do that is by jumping on the sales calls with your sales team and being there in person with them.

If you can’t do that, use tools like Gong or another call recording software and you can listen to the call later on. If you’re short on time, listen to them at 2x speed. You’ll understand the exact words your prospects are using and be able to speak their language in your marketing copy, ads, emails, headlines, and landing pages.

By doing this, you no longer have to guess what words to use in your copy as a marketer.

Want more marketing and sales insights?

If you want more useful tips on things like how to better align marketing with your sales team, check out all of the episodes of our 3-Minute-Marketing podcast. We interview experts weekly who have been in the trenches of marketing and know how to get results. And if you’re ever looking for help making a bigger splash with your digital marketing efforts, feel free to reach out here. 

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