How Marketers Can Help Sales Close More Deals with Patrick Edmonds of Proposify

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Welcome back to 3-Minute Marketing, where we interview today’s marketing rockstars & help them share their best ideas for the benefit of the greater marketing community.

Today, I got to chat with Patrick Edmonds, CMO at Proposify. Patrick is the kind of unicorn marketer I love — before his “rocket ship” ascent at Proposify, he came from an agency where he bought every type of media you can think of (Search, Social, Display, Programmatic… you name it.) The thing that’s unique about Patrick is he’s a CMO at a sales-driven company. And like many of the successful CMOs I’ve interviewed, he’s got some “Sales” in his DNA & is working hip-to-hip with his sales team to drive the business forward.

My question for Patrick is, “How can marketers help sales close more deals?”

Show Notes:

  • Patrick is optimistic about the “divide” between marketing & sales going away, with the demand gen function as the glue that’s bringing them together.
  • Tip #1: Provide cover fire. Make sure you’re advertising as close to the bottom of the funnel as possible, prioritizing deals that are in your sales team’s hands right now.
  • Tip #2: Templatize branded sales documents for your sales team. Make them look awesome to their prospects by having stellar assets (pitch decks, proposals, etc.) at-hand & ready to send, ideally on their sales call.
  • Tip #3: Jump on calls with your sales team or use a tool like Gong to listen in to your customers. Understand the language of your customers & use it in your marketing.
  • Want to get the right language for your marketing message? Ask your sales team to write the first draft. Then your marketing team can be the editors / curators to your brand & strategic positioning.
  • Sell your prospects on the problem & pain for 90% of your pitch, then use the remaining 10% to offer your solution as the cure.
  • To make proposals easier/faster, create a “Master” template with everything in there & then delete what you don’t need. Use a tool like Proposify to add variables like “First Name.”
  • Patrick describes his journey to earning his way into the C-Suite at Proposify.
  • Chris & Patrick talk about “training the algorithms” and leveraging your first party data (e.g. building a retargeting audience off people that viewed a proposal but were Closed Lost)
  • Metrics are just metrics, they’re not revenue. They’re tools to help you make a judgment call.
  • Freeing thought exercise: “If you had to do if all over, what would you do differently in building your sales & marketing process?”
Patrick Edmonds

Patrick EdmondsCMO at Proposify

Chris Mechanic

Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

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