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Search Marketing Action Items from High Rock Marketing Summit

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Arsham MirshahCEO & Co-Founder

Thank you for you time, attention, and participation during our talk at the High Rock Marketing Summit.

As promised, please find your action item takeaways listed below.

Know thy keywords

  1. Generate list using Google Keyword Tool
  2. Export to CSV, grab only keywords & local volume
  3. Open this spreadsheet.
  4. File > Make a Copy
  5. Put your keywords & local volume in appropriate slots
  6. Add dates, categories & subcategories as desired (makes filtering easy for large lists)
  7. Mark the ones you’re targeting already via SEO
  8. Mark the ones you’re targeting already via PPC
  9. Grab ranks (use Microsite Masters or Firefox rank checker)
  10. Revisit & update at least once every 6 weeks


  1. Locate the goals section of analytics
  2. Click one of the “+ Goal” links
  3. Choose the “URL destination” radio button
  4. Enter the path to your thank you page (eg. “/contact/thank-you”)
  5. Press Save

If you have questions about the other fields, see Google’s documentation… or just call us: 888-WEB-NUM1

Make your online listings work for you

  1. Listings usually need to be claimed first, try
  2. Once you’ve verified ownership, fill out your listing
  3. Most have something like “Categories” or “Keywords” (fill this out as completely & accurately as possible)
  4. Try to use the same exact name, address & phone each time
  5. If you have multiple locations, setup a listing for each
  6. Add keyword-focused description language & imagery where possible
  7. Imagery & other rich media are particularly effective (especially when you continually update and add more)
  8. Try a service like KnowEm to get your social profiles claimed
  9. Now solicit reviews from your happy customers

Final step: Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your search marketing efforts 🙂

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