#WinStoryWednesday: How we won a Hermes Award & increased open rates by 50%
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#WinStoryWednesday: How we won a Hermes Award & increased open rates by 50%

In this week’s #WinStoryWednesday, we show you how to get outstanding marketing results by revealing our successes with WebMechanix clients.

Win 1: Open rates and e-commerce sales boom with a tweak to how we offer coupons

Our Conversion Optimization team has been optimizing the conversion process for an E-commerce handcrafted watch client. We used experience personalization to increase email open rates by nearly 50%, click-through rates by 70%, and purchase rates by 100%. We now have an open rate of 54.9%, an E-commerce conversion rate of 7%, and a click-through rate of 24.4%, all of which are higher than industry standards. Halfway through the month, we already captured more sales than in the entire previous month. Now that’s innovation.

The data-driven results of an email campaign for people who abandoned cart.
The data-driven results of an email campaign for people who abandoned cart.

The data-driven results of an email campaign for people who opted in through a lead magnet.
The data-driven results of an email campaign for people who opted in through a lead magnet.

If you want more online sales than you’re getting now, personalize the customer experience and make it easier for customers to get what they want—and that includes making coupon codes memorable and easy to access. We’re continuing to see dividends from this approach.

Win 2: Our expert blog posts light up Google rankings

Some of our subject matter experts have been contributing content to our blog. We’re proud to say that some of the content has managed to maintain a first-page rank in the Google search results for the primary keyword we’ve targeted. These blogs include Tyler Carson’s Facebook Campaign objectives article and Derek Cavaliero’s B2B website tracking article.

We have a structured process for creating blog posts that helps make it efficient and easy for company experts to share their wisdom. Don’t think we’re holding back—these articles drop serious gold based on modern, real-world practice.

Win 3: Great communication and service solidify client trust

We received this email from a client, and it speaks volumes about how much their team trusts WebMechanix.

“Mikala has been working with us for about a year and last week after [we] discussed the reprint status we agreed we’d like Mikala to run with this directly with you and get us to the deadline.  I lost track of communicating that and connecting you both, so thanks again for the ping. [We] will keep an eye on things, but we trust Mikala and consider her the decision maker on this.”

Great job, Mikala! We value #ConstantCommunication because we know just how much clients love it when we keep them posted Whether it’s reminding them that they owe us something (approval, content, etc.) or giving them a quick status update on a project or deliverable, we always stay in touch to provide legendary service. If we don’t, our competitors will.

Win 4: Speed and quality are honored, even during holidays

One long-term client is delighted with our new website redesign and migration from SharePoint to WordPress. They think it looks awesome, and they can’t believe we completed it so quickly precisely as they envisioned it.

Specifically, our developers, Walt and Sarah, delivered an entirely new site under budget and in less than a month, which completely blew away the client’s new Director of Marketing—so much so that he’s now considering bringing two other sites over to WordPress.

Additionally, our design and marketing team worked together to swiftly deliver a Labor Day campaign for another client and get it running. It’s tricky to create a project quickly and keep the quality high. But we did it and got our first lead within 20 minutes of launching!

Win 5: Our proud ascent to Olympus

WebMechanix seized a Hermes Creative Award after some intense competition. This accomplishment is an important milestone for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s a global competition—the largest of its kind—with Fortune 500 companies participating. We don’t want to diminish the importance of other awards we’ve won, but this is a big deal.
  2. Hermes doesn’t give awards just for the sake of giving them. If the panel doesn’t feel there is a winner, it doesn’t select anyone. And it’s not a pay-to-play award, either.
  3. Clients have asked in subtle and not-so-subtle ways for more creativity from us as an agency.  We responded with the investment of hiring a Creative Director and codifying a full-on Design department. This is our first public achievement that strongly signals to the market that we’ve substantially increased our imaginative powers.
  4. Hermes removes size bias. The panel judges based on the budget given and your merits rather than awarding only the largest companies who have the highest budgets.

You’re probably wondering: What did we win for? We submitted a marketing kit for “climbing the marketing mountain” for a client event earlier this year. There were many moving parts involved in securing this award, including delivering an awesome creative kit for a client, crafting the copy to persuade judges with our submission, and coordinating the application process. We’re grateful for everyone involved in getting this to work.

This is confirmation that we’re doing the right things, every day. We’re listening to feedback, looking ahead at market needs, and making the right decisions to capture opportunities.


We’re always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to optimizing the client experience and increasing E-commerce open rates and sales. Furthermore, we deliver high-quality, actionable content on social media marketing PPC and website tracking that’s so valuable that Google ranks it well. We’re also getting positive feedback from clients and awards from our commitment to great customer service through marvelous speed, quality, creativity, and communication. What do you care about when you think of fantastic customer service that delights? Let us know in the comments below.

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William Chou
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