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Udi Ledergor shares his five secrets for marketing success

Recently, WebMechanix had the tremendous opportunity to sit down with marketing mastermind Udi Ledergor for an episode of our “3-Minute-Marketing” podcast.

Ledergor, for the uninitiated, is the CMO of Gong, a leader in the revenue intelligence space that he helped turn into a company with a $1B+ valuation. Our very own CEO Chris Mechanic sat down with him to learn his five secrets for marketing success.

Secret #1: Strategy before tactics

strategy before tactics

Let’s say you’ve just been hired as the new head of marketing for a company. You sit down at your desk on day one and you’re already getting bombarded with emails from what seems like every agency on the planet desperate to work with you.

Before you get sucked into an unnecessary number of projects, decide on a strategy and go from there. Ignore the “shiny objects.”

“On the day that you get your email as the new head of marketing, you will start getting emails from every agency, tech vendor, and partner who wants to work with you,” Ledergor says. “Ignore them all, figure out your strategy before you send out your first email or do your first social posts because the easiest thing to do in marketing is get busy with activities or campaigns.”

Secret #2: Don’t produce anything you wouldn’t consume

produce content you'd consume

Think of a time you’ve attended a webinar sponsored by a company or brand and left feeling underwhelmed, disappointed, or no longer interested in what they have to offer. Your goal should be to do the opposite of that: make every piece of content you produce something that you would want to consume yourself. If it isn’t, throw it out the window and start over.

“Just like the Netflix series that you’re binging on, that’s the level of excitement that you want to create,” says Ledergor. Focus on making something that you and your team would be fans of.

Secret #3: Start outbound on day one

Outbound marketing

Instead of waiting for inbound to come in, start outbound on your first day on the job. “Hire that SDR, give them a script, sit over their shoulder, or install something on Gong to listen to their calls, and start outbound,” says Ledergor. If you wait around for inbound, you risk running out of money before making it to your next round.

Once you’ve got outbound dialed in, you can then focus on building your inbound marketing. but don’t expect to see the fruits of your labor for another 12-18 months.

Secret #4: Never compromise on the people you hire

Don't compromise on who you hire

The difference between making the right hires versus making the wrong ones is the difference between a productive, energized, and happy workplace versus a workplace that doesn’t inspire its employees to show up every day ready to make a difference.

If you compromise on the people you hire, your company runs the risk of the latter being the case in your office. “Every person you add can either give you 10x more value or suck up 10x of your energy,” says Ledergor. Make sure your hires are the ones providing energy and adding value, not taking it away.

Secret #5: Don’t obsess over measurement

Don't obsess over measurement

Sometimes it’s best to go with your gut and do what feels right for your brand. Measurement is a vital aspect of marketing success, but innovation and trusting your instincts are also important parts of getting to where you want to go. No one knows your brand better than you, and when something works you’ll know, even if it doesn’t show up in your data.

Want to learn more?

If you haven’t heard of or checked out Gong yet, go visit Gong.io today and fill out their demo form. You’ll be glad you did — WebMechanix is a happy customer so we can say from experience. At the very least, check out their content library — it’s a goldmine for any company or sales rep that wants to hit their quota (or even marketers that want to help!).

Interested in hearing more of our “3-Minute-Marketing” podcasts? Check them out here. And, if you’re searching for an agency to help you meet your goals, reach out to us and we’ll be here to help.

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