#WinStoryWednesday: Push notification test serves a fresh plate of E-commerce sales
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#WinStoryWednesday: Push Notification Test Serves a Fresh Plate of E-Commerce Sales

Today, we have some big news to share with you! Among our client achievements, we had the biggest quarter ever and a push notification test that delivered a flurry of E-commerce sales. This beautiful summer season paves the way for another successful #WinStoryWednesday. We’ll talk about achievements around AdWords PPC, marketing automated CRO, and results-driven customer service success.

Win 1: Month-over-month AdWords metrics soar

After weeks of sweat and patience, we’re thrilled to discover that the experiments we ran for the second biggest PPC account on one of our teams have finally paid off!  Look at the growth compared to the previous month:

  • Cost-per-click fell by 33%.
  • Total cost decreased by 41%.
  • Form fills increased by 27%.
  • Conversion rate increased by 46%.
  • Cost-per-acquisition dropped by 56%.
  • Search impression share went up by 25%.

How, you ask? There were a lot of steps involved, and our team member Stacey details the process in her blog post. But it mainly boils down to lowering CPC by improving the quality score of top performing keywords and pausing underperformers.

Win 2: Push notifications test brings unexpected sales for E-commerce client

We found success for an E-commerce company by using “flash sales” as part of their sales and marketing strategies. We identified that while email is appropriate and timely, we might get better results with push notifications.

We weren’t sure if these notifications would drive any sales—but our first trial proved effective. In just one month, 16 users made 20 new transactions.

Ecommerce CRO test case study
Push notifications ecommerce case study

We also switched from double to single opt-in and added a call-to-action button on the side of the site—and the results speak for themselves: subscribers are flowing in daily.

Push notifications subscribers experiment

Win 3: The biggest quarter ever

One of our longtime clients had their biggest quarter ever for obtaining marketing assisted opportunities. We collected 76 opportunities compared to 30 in the last quarter.

How? Quite simply, we leveraged increased upper funnel lead flow with HubSpot workflows to nurture leads with marketing automation.

Win 4: Website redesign makes waves

A point of contact for one of our clients is a person of few words. But you can usually tell her level of excitement by the number of exclamation marks in her messages. Well, we refreshed the client’s homepage today after launching a website redesign, and the response was pretty clear—”Amazing!!!!”

Win 5: Videos deliver spectacular feedback

We’ve been using videos to report progress and walk clients through any issues they’re facing, and they LOVE it. The following response is a little testament:

“That video was amazing, Mikala, thank you so much! That was extremely helpful while we’re all playing around with the ads manager. Much appreciated!”

Clients love our video walkthroughs because the visual element makes it much easier to grasp a concept versus alternatives, such as sending dozens of emails back and forth or getting on the phone for thirty minutes. Plus, they can watch it over and over if they want.

We’ve got your back

Clients crave results, and we’ve got ‘em. As shown, WebMechanix delivers the wins consistently week to week when it comes to PPC, conversion optimization, and customer service. We’ve got you covered too. Feel free to reach out if you need help.

Discover how we got 50% more demo sign-ups for a SaaS client with a free case study.

Which of these wins stuck out to you most? Let us know in the comments!

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William Chou
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