Need more demo signups for your software product? In this SaaS conversion rate optimization case study, we reveal how one unusual tactic boosted a software company’s conversion rate by 50%.

The problem

Our long-time client, a software company that serves both B2B and public sector clients, was experiencing some growing pains.

Thanks to an influx of capital from its new owners (a private equity company) our client was able to acquire one of their biggest competitors. Great success!

Unfortunately, this merger was causing a stomachache for customers and prospects, which manifested itself  in the form of lower demo conversion rates. After digging into user session recordings and Google Analytics data, we made a discovery…

The new products were confusing our website users. With the number of products moving from one to three, it was clear to see why users were having trouble figuring out which option was best for them.

We realized there had to be friendlier way to present these new options without causing prospects to rage-quit our client’s website.

The solution

Using our analytics data as a guide, our crafty developers went to work building a new, interactive experience for our client’s demo signup prospects.

Enter the “product wizard quiz”

Ever taken a quiz before? Weren’t you excited to go through the steps so you could see the result at the end, personalized just for you?

Protip: Your SaaS prospects love quizzes, too. And they’ll have a lot more fun filling out your quiz than having to slog through a long web form (only to be rewarded with a sales call.)

So we developed a product wizard that had prospects answer a series of questions to help them determine which product was right for them. The end of the quiz featured the prospect’s “perfect fit” product based on their quiz answers, along with a form to sign up for a demo.

Hyper-targeted remarketing ads = winning

If you’ve ever used Google Analytics event tracking, you know what a wonderful thing it is. Not only can you see in granular detail how users interact with your website… you can also retarget your users with ads based on events they triggered.

That’s exactly what we did with the product wizard quiz. We tracked every action users could possibly take within the quiz. Then, we showed remarketing ads to users that went through our product quiz but did not complete the form.

The best part? Because we had collected profile data on that user through the quiz, we could target the ads to appeal to prospects’ specific pain points.

Funnel abandonment analysis for future CRO wins

The event tracking also allowed us to see what specific questions or points in the quiz were causing users to drop off in the multi-step quiz funnel.

This level of user data would make optimizing the performance of the quiz much easier over time by showing us exactly where users are getting stuck and what needed to change to improve results.

The results

The new quiz resulted in a healthy boost in demo signups — versus our baseline, conversion rate improved 53.15% for users who interacted with the product wizard.

As an added bonus, the Google Analytics event tracking we setup on the quiz is paying off. We’re now capturing even more leads from the funnel through our targeted remarketing efforts. And we’re continuing to run smart A/B tests on the quiz using our funnel abandonment data.

Want to see all the data, plus key takeaways you can use to boost demo leads from your SaaS conversion rate optimization campaigns? Click the “Download” link to get the full case study in all its .PDF splendor.

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