Solve complex problems with simple solutions

Our long-time client, a software company serving B2B and public sector customers, faced an unusual problem. Thanks to an influx of capital from its new owners (a private equity firm) our client acquired one of their biggest competitors. But the new offerings in the product lineup were hurting overall conversion rates. For website users, it became difficult to understand which product was the best fit for their individual needs. We realized there had to be a friendlier way to present these specialized options.

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The Results

The solution to this concerning problem was simple. We began offering an interactive and intuitive approach to buying that walked users to a solution for their needs rather than confusing them with too many options. An innovative solution to our client’s problem increased conversion rate by 53% and average session duration by 108% – an essential measure of engagement. Our client ended up with happier users, more leads and more qualified sales opportunities.

“I primarily choose marketing vendors based on 4 critical components: (1) Expertise (2) Measurable results (3) Proactive thought-leadership and (4) Superior customer service. WebMechanix consistently exceeds expectations in all four areas; which continues to improve and expand our business.” Jamie Okonak, Marketing Director