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3 Reasons to Use Dynamic Ad Insertion in AdWords

Want to crush your AdWords strategy in the new year?  Google has a set of really cool features on the AdWords platform that leverages a technique called dynamic ad insertion.  This tactic enables you to dynamically adjust your ads based on keyword, geolocation and pages visited on your site.

Dynamic ads aren’t a new thing. In fact, Google introduced the feature in October of 2011, but according to informal research conducted by us, only about half of marketers have found a use for this technique in their campaigns.

“But Dhara, what are dynamic search ads and why should I be using them?” you ask.

According to Google: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) feature custom-tailored headlines and landing pages that help you reach customers as they search – all without you needing to stay on top of a detailed keyword list.

Essentially, dynamic search ads enable you to customize and tailor your ads to target specific audiences, all while saving you time (and money). This is a great feature for smart marketers everywhere as it allows you to drive better results with a more personalized experience for less.

Side note… We’ve been exploiting this little gem of a feature with great success. Read more about how we are crushing it for our clients with dynamic ads for AdWords.

Still on the fence about trying it out for yourself? We’ve compiled a list of a few main advantages of leveraging these techniques into your ad campaigns.

1) Dynamic AdWords are more relevant for your users.

Not all customers are the same, so why serve up the same ad to everyone? With dynamic keyword insertion, we have the ability to use whatever the consumer was searching for and directly place that search term, along with relevant keywords from your landing page, into the headline of the ad. Google even bolds the dynamic text by default, making it stand out to your audience.

Dynamic location insertion is similar, but you can optimize your ads by making them more relevant based on your audience’s location.

Lastly, with dynamic remarketing, Google will dynamically create and show ads to your audience based on their previous behavior on your website. This tool is great for getting back in front of your prospective buyers, in fact, we just wrote an eBook on it.

The delivery of unique ads based on individual search queries, location, and behavior is a surefire way to increase personalization and relevance for your audience, and consequently improve your almighty click-through-rate (CTR).

dynamic ad insertion

2) Dynamic targeting helps perfect your quality score.

All of you PPC experts know that Google assigns a quality score to each keyword in your ad group which can have a dramatic effect on the overall cost and effectiveness of your campaign as it determines where and how often the ads appear. So obviously, you need to do your best to raise your quality score in order to increase the likelihood of running a successful campaign.

Your quality score depends on many factors — the most important being click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page quality. Utilizing dynamic search ads in your campaigns increases the relevancy between the search query, the landing page, and the ad itself.

Once you’ve checked these things off your list, feel free to sit back and watch your click-through rate  AND your quality score soar.

3) Google dynamic ads save time.

For marketers, it seems like there is never enough time. The beauty of dynamic keyword insertion is that unique ads are generated dynamically for a large pool of keywords from a single, generic ad.

According to Google, AdWords will automatically insert individual keywords into an existing ad so that a user sees a distinct ad for their search. This means that you can save hours performing research, maintenance, and developing unique ad copy.

Plus, dynamic location insertion also allows for the automatic tailoring of your messages based on geolocation. It works by inferring the user’s location via their IP address and dynamically inserts that into the ad copy which saves you countless hours and will probably make you a lot more money.

Pro Tip: Go next level with dynamic ad insertion. Hyper personalize these high-performing dynamic ads with dynamic landing pages, too!

And always remember to use an AdWords negative keyword list.

Dynamic search ads have the ability to push your AdWords strategy to new heights. They’re highly effective, simple to use, and can definitely give your business a competitive edge.

Looking for some advice? Sign up for your FREE, in-depth AdWords audit today, and we will help you uncover excessive spend and identify opportunities for improvement.

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