#WinStoryWednesday: 6 ways we take digital marketing next-level for our clients
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#WinStoryWednesday: 6 Ways We Take Digital Marketing Next-Level for Our Clients

We’ve all experienced plateaus in marketing. You’ll discover how we’ve managed to smash past them in this week’s #WinStoryWednesday.

Win 1: Our CTO over-delivers

Over the weekend, one of our Directors of Strategy discovered that our CTO, Dave Brong, managed to:

  • Proactively help a client make complex DNS changes to support an email migration. Even though the client reached out on Saturday, he completed it on Sunday.
  • After hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, he helped guide a client through setting up a Stripe account for a paywall prototype.

Way to over-service, Dave!

Additionally, our CFO was reviewing a Data Studio report, which taps a MySQL database and traditionally loads VERY SLOWLY. Recently, it started loading at lightning speed. He asked Dave if he did anything and he said “Yeah, I fixed that.” in a #nobigdeal #diditinmysleep type of way. Oh, and of course, Dave writes MySQL queries for reports too.

I wonder what other accounts he’s sprinkling fairy dust on…

Win 2: Facebook ad report stuns

We created a Facebook ads report filtered by state and region for a university client. After sending it over, this was the response: “I sent that report to my boss, and she said, ‘I love WebMechanix. So comprehensive.’”

Moreover, they remarked about how the reporting tool they pay big money for can’t deliver the 360-degree views we do.

Win 3: Design team smashes years-old record

You might have to click to zoom in on this picture, but it’s worth it. Our design team completely revamped a client’s already-impressive wizard form, which converts well. It averaged 10 to 15% for several years.

Design team smashes years-old record

48 hours after launch, the new version has hit 20% and is SMASHING the old version!!!!

Win 4: 400% increase in patients for health and wellness client

We increased the patient volume of a health and vitality client by over 400% while cutting acquisition costs by half. They were so happy that they mentioned it in a Clutch review. Want to find out exactly how? We reveal all the details in this free case study.

Win 5: More leads than they can count

For a client in the portable toilet industry, we turned the ROI levers by building a new landing page with the combined efforts of the marketing, design, and development teams. The new response rate is so much better than the original response that our point of contact said he’d share the success at the Directors meeting, and said, “I can’t even begin to count how many [leads] we have! What are you guys doing???”

Win 6: We thrive on Thank You letters

Thank You letters are something we value tremendously and a significant measure of the work we’re doing. Here’s a Thank You letter we got:

“I wanted to say thank you for all you are doing. I’m hearing lots of happy comments from everyone who has been working with you. Thanks so much for helping me elevate our web game. 😉

Make sure to send a big hearty thank you to Walt and the rest of your team as well.”

Onwards and upwards

We’re on the right track, and we’re excited to see where we go from here. In fact, we’re moving into a new office soon thanks to our growth, and we’ve been documenting sneak peeks of the office on social media (It’s fun! Check it out on Facebook.) What do you want to see next in our #WinStoryWednesdays? Let us know.

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William Chou
William Chou has years of experience in the world of corporate digital marketing. He is proficient in SEO, paid media, email marketing, and copywriting.

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