The Problem

Nava, a health and wellness company, wanted to grow their business quickly and efficiently while remaining under an allotted cost-per-lead goal. When traditional marketing tactics like direct mail failed to bring in new business, Nava looked to WebMechanix to help redefine their advertising strategy through online channels and generate more cost-effective leads.

The Solution

To grow the amount of efficient, high quality leads over a short period of time, our team implemented our go-to market digital strategy consisting of three main components:

  1. Focus on marketing high-yield services first, then scale
  2. Apply a “testing” mentality to our campaigns
  3. Build channel strategy supported by a robust remarketing “engine”

Using this digital strategy, our team was able to generate positive ROI right out of the gate, sustain those results by applying what we’ve learned, and get the maximum possible value out of all visitors.

The Result

Nava’s investment in digital certainly paid off in the form of substantial growth. WebMechanix helped Nava increase leads year-over-year by 1,357% and for all web channels combined increased overall appointments scheduled by 344%.  All while decreasing Nava’s cost per lead and growing their ROI.

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