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Today’s guest is a visionary and motivational leader who has won multiple awards, including the 2022 Washington Business Journal Women Who Mean Business Honoree, 2022 Bronze Stevie Winner for Marketing Executive of the Year, and was recognized as a 3-time Star CMO by DCA Live, most recently in 2021.

She is a Member Of The Board Of Advisors for Media4Math and is a Founding member of Chief, a private membership network for senior executive women.

Krystal Putman-Garcia is the Senior Vice President, CMO, & GM of Community of FiscalNote.

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Krystal joins Host Chris Mechanic to discuss the game of marketing, how effective CMO’s solve GTM problems, and the importance of being an advocate for your customer.


  1. When joining a new organization as a marketing leader, many marketers think of themselves as a branding specialist or a demand generation specialist, however the CEO wants you to think bigger picture as a leader.
  2. Effective CMOs are able to work well within the entire organization, create influence, and align themselves with the corporate objectives. CMO’s must be the bridge between company goals and customer need and ensure alignment between the two.
  3. Rather than leaning on your own technical skills as the CMO it’s much better to hire the best possible people to address technical aspects. This allows you to focus on aligning the vision across the organization.
  4. When solving GTM (Go-To-Market) problems for your company, start by asking what specific problem you are gtrying to solve. Without aligning on the problem, leadership will apply disparate strategies without having a clear idea of what success looks like.
  5. Once determining the GTM problem your company needs to solve, the next decisions are around defining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), identifying which products you need to sell, and finally how to focus in on one niche.
  6. Think about everything you do from the customers’ perspective. For example, before sending an email to a customer, send it to your personal email so you can get the full customer experience.
  7. It’s important as a leader to have the humility and self-awareness to know when you’re stressed out and when you need a break. When this happens, make sure to let your team know, because it lets them know it’s ok not to be perfect all the time.

Quote of the Show:

  • “If you aren’t taking a position as your customer and thinking about the experience as your customer, then you’re not doing your job.” – Krystal Putman-Garcia



  • Thomas Barta
  • The Secret Life of Water by Masaru Emoto
  • East of Eden by John Steinbeck
  • Silas Marner by George Eliot
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

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Krystal Putman-Garcia

Krystal Putman-GarciaSVP, GM & CMO, FiscalNote

Chris Mechanic

Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

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