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WordPress SEO Talk at Baltimore WordCamp 2014

Arsham Mirshah Team Photo
Arsham MirshahCEO & Co-Founder

Andy Stratton (@theandystratton) getting ready to introduce Arsham Mirshah (@arshammm) at Baltimore WordCamp 2014.

On October 18th, 2014, I gave a talk to Baltimore WordCamp title: WordPress & SEO, A Technical Talk.

There was some demand for the slides… click here to download the WordPress SEO presentation slides.

Time was tight but I did my best to give the top tips relevant to SEO and how WordPress can help in the efforts.

The talk was formatted to go from theory to technical.  I started on SEO theory, touching on Google’s mission statement and why anyone even cares about SEO.  Then we covered the anatomy of a well optimized page and I showed how to use WordPress (especially the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin).  Time was running short so we quickly moved into on-site SEO, touching on how to configure the Yoast plugin, smashing images so they’re not so big, and talked briefly on W3 Total Cache (my favorite).

The resources, tools, and links can be found in the slides.


What a great turnout! — great people who are eager to learn and share their passion for WordPress.

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