How We Build WordPress Websites

We begin by leveraging our continuously evolving WordPress Block Theme codebase, known as our WordPress Backbone. Then we extend and tailor the theme parts and blocks to create a unique website that aligns with your company’s needs.
Three Year Web Development Journey at WebMechanix

Enable your marketing team

Our WordPress Backbone theme will enable you and your marketing team to spin up pages and edit anything on any page with ease–including SEO-critical pieces–without ever touching code.

In addition to building websites on the daily, our 10-person, 100% in-house dev team has completed thousands of tasks supporting our digital marketing colleagues, giving us the unique perspective of knowing what marketers need before they need it, which we bake into everything we build.

High standards of quality

Your website will be SEO-optimized to the bone, conversion-focused, fully & properly tracked, FAST, secure, mobile-, desktop-, browser- and device-optimized, accessible, and code standards-compliant.

Better yet: it will be set up to stay all these things going forward.

“Your code is beautiful poetry.”

– A Client-side Developer upon reviewing our code

Display your content in unique, engaging ways

The theme comes with 10-20 blocks that we’ll “face-lift” to fit your brand–these blocks can be used on any page in any order with any of their many styling and layout variations applied. Additional custom blocks to satisfy your custom needs can be built. We also lay out a slew of reusable, or global, patterns, based on designed layouts that can be inserted and edited on any page, just like blocks. These are the most common block types we build based on years of experience creating hundreds of websites:

  • Accordion
  • Blockquote
  • Content Slider
  • Callout with CTA
  • Icon
  • Icon List
  • Location Cards
  • Logo Gallery/Slider
  • Lottie Animation Section
  • Modal Window (with or without form)
  • People Cards
  • Post Feed (aka Related Content cards)
  • Stacking Cards
  • Animated Counting Stats
  • Tabber
  • Table
  • Testimonials
  • Timeline
  • Video

Everything AND the kitchen sink

We build out a “Kitchen Sink” page for your team to reference that demonstrates every block available on the site, fleshed out with placeholder content and visual settings. These “Block Patterns” as they’re called can be copied & pasted between pages or saved and deployed elsewhere around the site — you can even “sync” block patterns so that changes made in one instance reflect to all instances of that block pattern. You’ll be able to make your own block patterns, too.

All the essential templates

Useful Page, PPC-optimized Landing Page and Blog templates and a filterable Resource Library are all included.

Our core blocks and templates have been crafted over years of meticulous, data-driven user experience, search engine, and conversion optimization consideration.

Clean, open source code

What we build you is not “proprietary.” Most of what you’ll want to accomplish will be doable within WordPress yourself, but you may need a developer for something like a brand new complex block or a new systems integration. But to clarify: our developers do not build things to have to fix later; we build things to be usable and to last. Our code follows WordPress’s own best practices. What that means is: should you need a developer’s help down the road–of course you can turn to us, but you’ll be able to find a WordPress developer on any street corner who can work with what we give you.

Reach Out Today to Start Scoping Your Project

We’re not just experienced web developers and project managers; we’re also data-driven learnaholics with winner’s mindsets who care at our core.

And we’re Subject Matter Experts in:

  • WordPress and HubSpot
  • Front- and Back-End Web Development Best Practices
  • Web Analytics & Advertising Measurement
  • Form, CRM, and API Integrations
  • Accessibility (WCAG 2.2 AA-level compliance)
  • Pagespeed & Core Web Vitals
  • Technical SEO
  • Web Design & UX, including Responsive styling and functionality
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom