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Our Account Managers Are Now Customer Success Managers

We don’t just manage your account. We work with you elbow-to-elbow to help your business achieve success. This is the belief behind all of our services.

To better reflect this closely-held belief, we’re rebranding our account management position; Account Managers (AMs) are now Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

A title change might seem like a small thing, but it’s something that can have a big impact. It means team members get to learn new things and company priorities can be realigned. But these changes revolve around one common goal: making our customers as successful as possible.

What’s Changing

The title change simply reinforces our focus on customer success. In the early days, we got our start as an SEO agency. But we’ve evolved since then. We hired. We grew. We learned.

For years now, we’ve been offering full service digital marketing to help your company achieve success with everything from social media advertising to marketing automation implementations. We’re not just thinking about “keyword ranking” or “click-through rate” or any other marketing jargon. We’re talking about posting bottom-line improvements for your company.

So it’s about time our titles better reflect our commitment to your company’s success.

Defining A Customer Success Manager

So you might be wondering, what exactly is a client success manager?

Here’s how we envision the position.

  • Multi-Talented: Good CSMs know how all the pieces of a successful marketing strategy fit together. They’ve been there, done that.
  • Forward-Facing: Good CSMs put the client first; they’re more proactive than support and more customer-focused than sales. Their performance is wholly intertwined with the customers they serve.
  • Success-Oriented: Good CSMs have a deep understanding of your business. They understand your team’s capabilities and suggest efforts in line with what you can accomplish together.

Working With A Customer Success Manager

Do you want to work with one of our Customer Success Managers?

If you’re not a customer yet, then get in touch with us today. You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-888-932-6861. You can also click the button below to send a message to our team.

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