Security, Monitoring & Remediation

How Much Money Would A Malicious Website Attack Cost Your Business?

Attacks don’t have to turn into hacks to hurt your brand. Non-intrusive attacks can knock your site offline, wasting your company thousands of dollars on ads leading visitors to a 404 page.

And if attackers succeed in gaining access to your website’s backend, the cost of losing control over your audience’s personally identifiable information (PII) can be astronomical.

Take the steps needed to protect your website and your users. Sign up for complete website security, monitoring, and remediation services and rest easy knowing your website is guarded. You can’t afford to ignore the threat.

You can’t afford to ignore your website’s security.Let us secure your website. View our Plans

Eliminate Blind Spots With Trusted Website Security Monitoring Services

Your customers, prospects, and employees all trust your website to keep personally identifiable information protected. Don’t betray that trust by neglecting web security monitoring and leaving your website vulnerable to hackers.

Reduce the risk of attack by using website monitoring services that offer complete website security. We’re trusted by dozens of large, online businesses throughout the Baltimore area, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia areas — and now, all around the world.

Website Updates & Maintenance

Website and server vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Sometimes it’s the good guys finding the vulnerabilities. Sometimes it’s the bad guys.

You need to make sure your website is routinely updated and audited to address any new security threats. Because if your CMS, plugins, themes, and other website components are not up-to-date or become incompatible, you risk exposing your site and your users to malicious cyber-attacks.

Let us be the website security monitor needed to keep your website safe so you can be at ease when you’re off from work.

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Security Configuration & Monitoring

Keep hackers away with advanced website security and ensure they stay away with continuous monitoring.

Firewalls, blacklist, and malware detection all work together to make sure that hackers cannot easily access your website.

And if a hacker gains access through an employee or any other unknown vulnerability, then website security monitoring services immediately identify any malicious activities before they can be exploited and harm your business.

Let us help you secure your website and prevent unauthorized access with our advanced website security configuration and monitoring services.

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Website Backup Configuration

Don’t let a catastrophic website security disaster lead to unrecoverable data loss. Put a website backup plan in place and enjoy peace of mind.

A professional website backup prepares you for worst case scenarios. In the event of a catastrophic attack or systems failure, you’ll be able to get your website back up and running with minimal losses. Just don’t wait until it’s too late.

Let us help you configure on-site and off-site website backups to give your company a recovery plan it can count on.

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Remediation & Restoration

Recover your website and remove any lingering effects from an attack with website remediation and restoration services.

Remediation and restoration services make sure that your business doesn’t have to skip a beat in the unlikely event of a cybersecurity disaster. Otherwise, data loss and unaddressed problems will force your team to spend time on issues that could have easily been prevented or planned around.

Let our team implement recovery and restoration services to make sure your website always stays up and running.

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