Building a UX-driven website or web-based solution is an intricate process. To ensure the product is delivered on-time and to your exact specifications, we use a 7-phase approach to every website design project.

Phase #1

Project Planning & Discovery

Every great web project needs a great plan.

Because of this, every web project begins with a thorough planning and discovery process. Members from your business or organization will meet with the WebMechanix design and development team and discuss topics such as:

  • Project goals
  • Project timelines & milestones
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technological hurdles and potential roadblocks
  • Creative direction & brainstorming

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Our Responsibilities

  • Ask questions to identify risk areas
  • Research solutions for identified risks
  • Deliver a clearly defined project scope and timeline

Client Responsibilities

  • Be engaged with the discussion
  • Provide as much detail as possible
  • Approve the project scope and timeline


  • Approved Project Scope
  • Approved Project Timeline

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Phase #2

Site Design

It's time to get creative!

After our initial discovery process is complete, we will shift focus to the creative process.

During this phase, our design team will work to add visual representation to the thoughts and ideas presented in the first phase, thus creating the look and feel for the site. The design of the project will be presented as a series of static mockups and will be as close to the final look of the live site as possible.

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Our Responsibilities

  • Transform client feedback into visual deliverables
  • Stay on schedule with the project timeline
  • Deliver designs for each identified layout defined in the project scope

Client Responsibilities

  • Provide feedback on creative direction
  • Attend scheduled meetings to discuss design progress
  • Stick to the defined project scope
  • Approve the finalized designs


  • Approved designs for each layout defined in the project scope

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Phase #3

Design Implementation & Development

We'll bring that design to life

Now that we have nailed down the project creative, we'll shift our focus to building your solution.

The WebMechanix development team will take over and turn the static designs into a working website. During this phase, you will begin to see the big picture of the project.

During this phase, most of the work is in our hands. We may have recurring check-in meetings to discuss progress and the hurdles (if any) we have come across during the development phase.

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Our Responsibilities

  • Transform the approved creative into a working website
  • Stay on schedule with the project timeline
  • Develop functionality identified & defined in the project scope

Client Responsibilities

  • Any content needed for our development team to proceed.

The most important responsibility for our clients during this phase is to eliminate what is known as "scope slide".

Scope slide occurs when a new piece of functionality or creative is requested that was not identified and defined in the project scope. We understand that these things occur without warning, however, excessive scope slide will delay the project progress and require a change order to move forward.


  • A fully functional solution built using the approved creative and requirements outlined in the project scope.

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Phase #4

Mobile Device Focus

We don't stop at desktop.

Mobile is the wave of the future. We'll treat it as such by dedicating an entire project phase to success across all modern devices from phones to tablets to laptops and desktops. We take a mobile-first approach and progressively enhance your website’s coding to assure that the user experience remains consistent throughout.

Phase #5

Testing, Revisions & QA

Find problems, fix problems, repeat.

After our developers have determined that the bulk of the development process is complete, we will shift focus to testing the website or application vigorously in different browsers and on multiple device types.

Although this phase can actually occur many times throughout the entire project lifecycle, the most important testing occurs now - before launching the site to the public.

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Our Responsibilities

  • Fix any issues with browser compatibility or overall functionality
  • Ensure website meets all functionality requested and defined in the scope of work

Client Responsibilities

  • Proofreading and QA of site all site content.
  • Assist with testing any 3rd party integrations such as CRM or Marketing Automation systems


  • Working together to solve any issues with the design or functionality prior to launch.

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Phase #6

Final Approval and Launch Preparations

Your new website is almost complete! During this phase, we will provide you access to the final product in a staging environment that only you, and your trusted testers, can access. We’ll walk you through each section of the website and then turn it over to you for final approval.

Phase #7

Live Launch

Houston, we have lift-off!

We’re done! It’s time to launch the site to the public and sit back and relax. This phase marks the completion of the project. For the next thirty days, WebMechanix will closely monitor website for any major issues and address them as needed.