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8 Considerations Before You Hire an Inbound Marketing Company

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Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

How to hire the best digital inbound marketing agency… Interesting topic. The whole concept of demand generation services can be foreign to a lot of people. An example of the benefits getting lost in translation is demonstrated in the situation below.

We sent a detailed proposal to a would-be client (who shall go unnamed) and they responded by asking for a quick, simple list of reasons they should hire us to run their inbound programs.

“Our bosses don’t understand half of what you have on this proposal.” Their decision-makers didn’t “get it” and they needed a simple way to communicate the value proposition.

Below is the response we sent (edited for privacy and readability). It explains in simple terms why we are the best internet marketing agency for their business.

From: Chris Mechanic
Date: Wed, Jan 3, 2014 at 5:06 PM
Subject: WebMechanix: SEO/SEM plan, #SnowballingROI stories & points to talk on
To: [Removed for privacy]

Hi XXXX, have a look at the plan attached with some case studies. Also as promised, the top 8 reasons you should hire WebMechanix.

Why is WebMechanix the Best Internet Marketing Agency To Hire?

1. We get it done. Our in-house team of  marketers and developers take the bull by the horns. Wouldn’t it be nice to have lean, agile, full-cycle marketing implementation from your inbound team?

2. We are militant about marketing best practices. I was shocked to find Google Analytics was misconfigured so badly. Similarly, as important as local search is for companies like yours, the basic nuts and bolts (e.g. Google+Local page optimization) was pretty much MIA. We will do a lot better than that on our worst day.

3. We live on the bleeding edge of online campaign analysis. Best practices are expected and we’ve gotten good at the juicy stuff… advanced analytics configurations, conversion science, user segmentation & dynamic content serving, cross-channel attribution, etc. With us, you’ll not only keep up, you’ll lead.

4. We will bring a fresh set of eyes. When working with one company for a long-time, a certain blindness can take place. They’re so familiar that they’re looking at things through a tainted lense. This causes them to miss opportunities as well as sometimes treat you different than they would a new client.

5. We want to work with you and your marketing team. Collaborating with our clients is something we always emphasize. We believe a deep understanding for one another is essential, so we always stress having an intimate communication framework in place.

6. We will help you quantify marketing ROI down to the dollar. How many leads do you get? Where do they come from? How much revenue have they produced? Does natural or paid search work better? Should we spend more on AdWords? Which non-AdWords advertisements are working the best? What is our return on marketing dollar? Right now those things may be foggy but we’re obsessed with helping businesses calculate their ROI. Online marketing attribution will follow leads all the way through the sales funnel, providing a clear, powerful insight.

7. We will discover exactly who’s visiting your site. Persona development allows us to understand your historical demographic and align it with your ideal customer profile. Digging into this  data is extremely powerful and can help boost conversion rates to new heights.

8. You will look like a superhero. We make our clients look good. There’s an overwhelming likelihood that you’ll see: boosts in organic traffic, spikes in conversion rate, reduced cost-per-lead for paid visitors, clear insight into who’s using your site, & how much money you’re making. Executives will start to take more of an interest in digital as it relates more clearly to revenue. Instead of a necessary evil, it becomes a competitive advantage and you’ll be the one behind it all.

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Chris Mechanic Team Photo
Chris Mechanic | CEO & Co-Founder
Chris is co-founder at WMX. He spends his days coming up with big ideas, writing long memos & mastering the 3 Ps – planning, pitching & podcasting.

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