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Top Five Online Marketing Stories for 9/17/12 – 9/24/12

What do Facebook, Google and the mobile web sites have in common? They’re all in our top five stories of the week.

Facebook debuts a new tool, Google maps gets an update, and mobile site strategies will benefit early adopters. Read below to find out more about how you can take advantage of these new developments to maintain a strong online identity.

Facebook Is Testing The Ability to Promote Posts for a Fee

Facebook Promoted Posts
Facebook is testing the ability to promote posts again, after an initial trial last May. For a small fee, certain users who are a part of the test will have the ability to promote posts so they appear higher on their friends’ newsfeeds. The price of promoting your post depends on the size of your friend list.

49% of Small Businesses To Incorporate Mobile Strategies Next Year

A recent survey suggests that 49% of small businesses will be likely to incorporate mobile ads into their advertising budgets next year. A lack of a clear ROI is preventing businesses from investing more dollars in mobile ads. Mobile ad agencies are responding to this challenge with new per-lead payment models.

U.S. Consumers Less Willing to Share Data with Companies

No Data Sharing
According to a September 2012 online study, consumers are less willing to share personal information with companies than in previous years. These findings indicate an erosion of trust between consumers and businesses, and a lack of consumer faith that companies protect their private information online.

Google Adds Business Interior Photos to Maps

Thousands of businesses who participated in Google’s Business Photos service will now have a photograph of the interior of their business visible from Google Maps. This addition should help create extra exposure for businesses and appeal to people who want to see the interior of a place before visiting.

Local Businesses Trump Walmart’s Local Facebook Strategy

Local Social Media Strategy
Walmart’s local Facebook pages aren’t as popular as competing small businesses in the same areas. Why? Walmart’s social media management efforts have been lackluster. The retail giant only responded to 15% of the fans that engaged with their pages. Social media is tough. Even juggernauts like Walmart can use some help.

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