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Top Five Online Marketing Stories for 10/1 – 10/8

The top marketing stories of the week feature most of our favorite faces in tech.

Facebook continues to push the privacy envelope in its attempt to further monetize user interactions. Google prepares to begin selling product listing placements. Apple’s Siri captures more and more spoken search queries.

Read on to find out how these developments may affect you.

Facebook Advertising for MenOn Facebook, Men Are Cheaper To Target Than Women

A recent social media insights report suggests that men are easier to target with Facebook Ads than women. On average, men account for 20% more ad clicks on Facebook. Businesses looking to market on Facebook should consider their demographic carefully before spending.


Google Chrome Gains Ground, but IE Remains King

Despite a meteoric rise in 2011, Google Chrome remains the third most widely used browser behind Firefox and Internet Explorer. The halt in Chrome’s gains in market share may be attributed to recent improvements made to IE and Firefox’s over the past year.


Spoken Search Queries through SiriSpoken and Visual Queries: The Future of Search?

This article delves into the competitive differences that could exist between Apple’s Siri and Google’s own automated assistant technologies. It raises an important question: how will results from spoken and visual queries impact the search engine results we see on a daily basis?


Facebook to Track Offline Purchases for 100 Million Households

Facebook wants to test the effectiveness of their online advertisements. To accomplish this, the social media giant has partnered with Datalogix to correlate advertisements on Facebook with purchases made at retail locations. The move has sent privacy watchdogs into a frenzy.


Google Recruiting Merchants for Paid Product Listing Ads

Google Paid ListingsGoogle is offering educational opportunities to help merchants adopt upcoming changes to their product listing ads. These changes will include a switch from free to paid listings as of October 17th. Google is hoping to help merchants get situated before the 2012 holiday season.


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