Master Your “Block & Tackle” To Win the Marketing Game with Hunter Montgomery

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Welcome back to our latest episode of “3-Minute Marketing”, where we share actionable ideas & perspectives from the finest minds in growth marketing today.

On today’s episode, I chat with Hunter Montgomery, CMO at ChurnZero. Hunter’s been in the B2B SaaS game for awhile now, driving marketing growth for brands like Verizon Business, Vocus & Higher Logic.

We decided to change up the format a bit for this episode & just riff on various topics. But at the core of our conversation, we talk about the “unsexy” activities that can actually help you make the biggest impact as a marketing leader.

Show Notes:

  • In a world of shiny objects, focusing on the “block & tackle” work is key to success in marketing.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel every time, take the plays that are already working & run with them.
  • Keep your team doing new things & looking for their next “play” so they don’t get stuck.
  • So what “shiny object” IS Hunter looking at? Currently, he’s implementing an ABM program with intent data.
  • In order for ABM to work, sales & marketing both need to be bought in & aligned.
  • As a marketing leader, getting your systems working the right way is priority #1. Priority #2 is measuring to figure out what’s actually working now so you can do more of that. Neither are sexy, but both are foundational to success.
  • Marketing is much easier when you have a) a great product & b) visible experts in your company that can educate your market & help your prospects be more successful in their roles.
  • ChurnZero helps you understand the “health” of your customers so you can reduce churn risk & drive upsells / cross-sells.
Hunter Montgomery

Hunter MontgomeryCMO at ChurnZero

Chris Mechanic

Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

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