The 5 Keys of The Growth Mindset with Ash Parikh

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This special guest has spent over 2 decades scaling enterprise SaaS companies and has experience in customer success, engineering, product, sales, and marketing. Ash Parikh is the CMO of Trellix and an Advisory Board Member of Yellowbrick Data, CMO Council, and a frequent contributor to the Forbes Communications Council.

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Ash shares his five secrets to attaining a growth mindset, how to build a modern demand generation engine, and the five pages of a CMO’s dashboard.


  1. The five keys to growth marketing are knowing your data, hiring for the Growth Mindset, having an eye on ROI, transforming the organization, and driving alignment within the organization.
  2. Growth-minded marketers are in close proximity to their data. Focusing on the data and knowing it intimately will drive your credibility forward with the C-suite, department peers, and co-workers across the organization, especially in sales and products.
  3. Hire members of your team that have a growth mindset and have a desire to stretch their goals and outperform their KPIs.
  4. Having an eye on ROI means that you approach every project and appraise every proposal by asking what is the cost and what output will that idea provide. You need to know your ROI like the back of your hand.
  5. Marketing Leaders need to transform the organization down to its very culture to instill a growth mindset. You need to make sure that everyone comes along for the ride with you. This requires nurturing and mentoring your team.
  6. Driving alignment means that you are the torch bearer within the company for driving alignment between sales and marketing, marketing and products, marketing and customer success. Marketing is at the center. Ask yourself, how can I, as a CMO, actually drive deep, cross-functional alignment?
  7. The homepage of your website should be able to quickly answer the following five questions that potential customers want to know: Who are you? What do you do? How can you help them? What makes you unique? How can they get started?

Quote of the Show:

  • “I’m in my job to make sure that the CRO is successful. That has to be the mindset for any CMO.” – Ash Parikh


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