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Today’s guest is an expert marketer that leverages engagement strategy to drive demand.

Throughout her awesome career, she’s developed specialties in content design, market research, and campaign execution. Briana Belisle is the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Field Nation.

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Briana shares why you need to solve your prospects’ boring but urgent problems, and how to determine the difference between critical events and compelling events.


  1. Stay focused on solving what matters most to your prospects. Solve the boring, but urgent problems they are facing.
  2. Even though a problem may seem boring, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth solving, especially if it’s keeping your customers up at night.
  3. It’s important to determine between critical events and compelling events. Critical events are costing your customers time, money, or customers and need to be fixed now. Compelling events can be more interesting but are harder to tie into ROI.
  4. When you know the specific critical event that your solution fixes, you can get highly specified with the audiences you target to make sure that you convey why that problem, and therefore your solution, is so important for a very specific subset of the market.
  5. Before chasing the next shiny object, ask yourself if it is urgent and if you understand who it is urgent for. Once you’ve done that, really think about if you’re doing something because it’s shiny or because it helps solve a critical problem for your prospects.
  6. When crafting your company’s messaging, make sure that it addresses the boring, but urgent problem for your prospects rather than what you happen to find interesting.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Solve the boring, but urgent problem.” – Briana Belisle


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  • Alex Hormozi
  • Seth Godin
  • Peep Laja
  • April Dunford

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