How ignoring site speed optimization is costing you sales (Site Speed Tips Part 2)

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Discover what Google and Amazon have to say about page load time and how it affects their individual revenue. If Google and Amazon lose a load of money each year because their sites could be slightly faster, you’re probably losing sales too.


We’re talking about speed and performance. So, what are the big names have to say about this: Amazon, Google?

Well, there’s some famous studies that they do. Actually, they do these studies every year, right? And I think the most famous stat was, Amazon said for every second that their site slows down, so if it takes two seconds to load a page on Amazon, if it takes three seconds, they just lost 1.6 billion – BILLION – dollars in sales, okay? That’s for every second that it slows down. Can you imagine? I mean, they’re an E-commerce giant; they’re the E-commerce giant. This is a big deal to them.

Google: Google, for every 4/10th’s of a second, .4 seconds, that their search results come back slower, they lose 8 million, 8 million searches per day, day, not per year, not per month, per day, and if you know anything about Google, they make the vast majority of their money showing advertisements on the search engine results pages, so if they lose 8 million for every 4/10 of a second, they’re pretty incentivized to make their site move faster. Again, those are the big guys.

What’s it mean for you? Well, for you, it’s the same thing. You want users to take the actions on your site. For Amazon, the actions are browsing and buying. For Google, they’re searching, and so to give that great user experience, part of that is to have a fast loading site, and to have a fast loading site, you need to have it be smaller, way less.

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