Rewiring marketers’ brains to pay attention to customers with Dhiraj Kumar

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Today’s guest is a transformative and customer-focused leader that has helped grow huge companies including PayPal, Facebook, and BlueVine. Dhiraj Kumar is the CMO of Dashlane.

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Dhiraj and Host Chris Mechanic discuss the importance of paying attention to the details of your customers, why getting a fresh perspective is so important to developing great marketing, and how to cut down your copy to find the magic.


  1. The minutiae within how customers behave and think matter immensely. Although it may not be easy, marketers need to train themselves to notice the fine details and use that insight to inform how they interact with customers.
  2. In order to pay attention to the minutiae, marketers need to be intentional in their approach. An important part of that is to give yourself and your team permission to question things that are thought to be fundamental. Question all assumptions.
  3. Another way to both find and decipher insights from customer details is to involve another person who has nothing to do with this project or customer. They provide a fresh set of eyes and a new outlook that empowers everyone to look at it differently.
  4. Look for solutions and ways to analyze customer behavior from areas outside of your business, industry, etc. People behave similarly across their lives, so look for other ways that people in situations parallel to yours have solved the problem.
  5. As stewards and advocates for the customers, it is the job of marketers to look at a campaign or any messaging in the way that customers would look at it. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes when assessing a campaign.
  6. Great customer-first thinkers tend to question the necessity of every piece. When editing copy, ask yourself if you really need to include x. When you get to the point where you cannot remove anything else, that is where the magic comes from.

Quote of the Show:

  • “A marketer’s job, in my mind, is to draw down those blinders and see the obvious, to see the minutiae of customer behavior, because that’s where great insights come from.” – Dhiraj Kumar



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